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Let's Unite for The Race to Be Released

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The Race lovers we are hyped for this song so much. The band don't have the right to tease and not releasing the song. Just kidding but we all want this song to be released. Yeah i know it's leaked and sold but we don't know who bought it and will share it. So we can do something the put pressure on band because i see so many people wants this song. But even if so many people tweeting or sharing something they are seperated and not big moves. My plan is let's tweet together for hastag #releasetherace with planned date and time. Maybe band will see and change their minds. It's possible because as you know Noel Gallagher decided to release one of his demos during quarantine. Why Coldplay not? But i need people to participate in this together maybe Coldplaying's twitter account can announce it and decide the date and time. Maybe other fan accounts such as ColdplayXtra and etc. can participate too. So let's support me an do something. I think it's worth a try, isn't it?

This is Noel Gallagher's that i mentioned:


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I'm expecting something about the new album later but maybe just a little tease of it today or maybe tease for The Race release and i hope it's proper The Race release 🙂. I'm hoping for something today but most probably nothing's gonna happen 😄 

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