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Jason Lai

Best place to listen to Viva La Vida?

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We all know Viva La Vida is a great song and it really matters with the location you are in when you listen the song, it brings up different feelings. And now I'm trying to find the best place to listen to this song, any ideas guys? >o<

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Welcome to the forum!

To me, Viva La Vida is the ultimate celebratory song. I has a soaring melody and big, grand sounds. think the most appropriate place would therefore be a big place with grand sights to behold, maybe big, elegant monuments/buildings around. A massive place in a big city for example? But in the end I feel like it matters more which space your mind is currently in rather than which space you're physically in. That's the beauty of songs like these, they can transport you into a different place and make you feel a certain way just simply by listening.

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