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What is your favorite Coldplay concert?

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For me at least, my favorite concert is the one they held at the Reading Festival on 29 August 1999, because that's the only time they played the alternative version of Spies. What's your personal favorite concert from them? It doesn't matter if it has to be a official release, it can be anything of your choice.

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My favourite is their set at the Isle Of Wight Festival 2006. Twisted Logic Tour is my favourite tour, and in that festival there was such a great mood and energy, listening or watching the available video parts is a delight and lifts my mood like no other live performance. The cover of Perfect Day is just the icing on the cake that makes it the perfect concert. If I could only time travel back to one Coldplay concert in all of time and stand in the front row, that would be it.

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Glastonbury 2016, because that's the one I got to attend. It was a dream come true. There's nothing quite like slipping and sliding in a muddy sea of Xylobands during Charlie Brown. There's nothing quite like getting to see Barry Gibb make a surprise appearance during a Coldplay concert and sing Bee Gees songs alongside Chris Martin. There's nothing quite like getting to see Chris's kids join their dad onstage and sing Up&Up with him. Even the technical mishap during Everglow ended up being cool, especially because that stripped-down piano performance ended up being the basis for the single version of the song.

But if I'm talking about concerts I've only ever watched on YouTube or a DVD, I'm going to have to say the Toronto 2006 show. It was the first Coldplay concert I ever watched when I was first getting into the band as a 14 year old. Everything about it is immaculate. Apart from Yellow, Clocks, The Scientist, and the songs from X&Y, this was the first time I listened to a bunch of those songs. So I was awestruck by Politik, GPASUYF, How You See The World, Don't Panic, the stripped down version of Trouble, and In My Place. There were so many unforgettable moments in that concert.

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