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Coldplay and BTS "My Universe"

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12 hours ago, pansonic said:

hot take: my universe > higher power 

It has grown on me. my 2 favorite parts: the robotic voice that says 'my universe' (silly, I know) and the ambient noises before the outro. the bts parts actually blend in really well, I low key expected the collab to be a disaster, but it works!

Agreed. My Universe will thrive in the long run because it's a grower, I loved Higher Power since the first listen but got tired of it quickly duo to massive overplaying.

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7 hours ago, Yes? said:

I've heard the full track a few times now, but I'm gonna stop until the September release - at that point I'll be hearing it everywhere, so I don't want to tire of it!

My thoughts: I really like the production. I LOVE the funky bass. Chris' voice is great, and the hook is VERY catchy. The BTS boys also blend in really well, and I'm happy that there are parts in Korean. The final drop is great too (as heard in the trailer)...

Critiques? The lyrics are indeed very simple, but then again this is clearly one of a couple tracks from the album designed to be a charting single, and this makes its success more likely in 2021. For the song, I think it still works. Like I said, the hook is great. The only thing I would've changed is to maybe take out one rendition of the chorus (it's repeated a lot) and replace it with longer verses to flesh out the main lyrical content a bit more.

All in all, I'm sure it won't be my favourite on the album, but it's a strong single. As far as pop Coldplay goes, I think they're on good form here. It is much better than the likes of Hymn for the Weekend, and (as much as I love it) it doesn't sound as dated as ASFOS did when that came out.

I hope the boys get another no.1 from this. It means nothing if they don't, and they're clearly not bothered, but I'd be happy for them. Plus, whilst success isn't the most important thing at all (music is), we all love to boast about our band being the biggest in the world, don't we? Not every fan can say that.

I have my fingers crossed for #1s, I'm not gonna lie. On the United States, My Universe will join Viva la Vida as the only songs by a British group to top Billboard's Hot 100 in this century. Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, Coldplay will join the Bee Gees, Queen, U2 and Take That as the only groups to have a #1 song in three different decades (Viva la Vida - 2000s, Paradise - 2010s, My Universe - 2020s).

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I'm not a fan of this at all. I don't know what the Korean lyrics are but the English ones are some of the most cheesy stuff I've ever heard in a Coldplay song. Oftentimes when Chris's lyrics are nothing special, I'll still like the song just because of the instrumentals and the vocal melody. But even those are just so... generic. That weird robotic voice that you hear a couple of times sounds so out of place. The intro is weird. The outro is decent but the false ending after the last chorus is weird. I suppose the best things about this song are Guy's bass groove, the ambient bits toward the end, and Will's drumming in the outro. Nothing else stands out to me. What a shame... maybe this will grow on me eventually, but the song is bad enough in my opinion that after several listens, I can't see myself coming back to it until it's officially released.

Oh well, maybe the BTS fanbase will enjoy My Universe. If they do, I'll be glad for them. And I do hope it does well in terms of charts and streaming.

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It definitely feels like the cheesiest song Coldplay have released but it makes perfect business sense, a collaboration with BTS is an easy way to get to #1. And if they're willing then why not? 

And if I squint It kinda sounds like a Carly Rae Jepsen song so maybe it's not all bad... 

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