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Viva La Vida (Radio 1's Big Weekend 2021) Ft. Virtual Fans

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Unsure where to post this topic however I hope it's the correct area.

After Coldplay Tweeted out this message (see below):



It seems like a done deal this updated version of Viva La Vida music-video with a batch of selected fans, will be released sometime this year.

Folks are theorizing that it'll be released during Coldplay's appearance at the upcoming Glastonbury Festival ‘Live At Worthy Farm’ livestream. I don't have any proof of that however. Least I can hope after the Glastonbury event is over, they'll (Coldplay) release the Viva La Vida music video on their YouTube channel. 

Did anyone here submit an singing "Woah-oh-ohs" video entry for Coldplay?

I did but I'm way too shy to share it here. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the video to be released.

If I'm not selected it's no big deal however it would be cool once my child is older to pull up the video and say, "See? Mommy is here at this part of the video, only for a few seconds though!" lol. Truly I don't know what they plan to do with all the videos sent in but hopefully we'll know sooner rather then later. 

Happy to read your thoughts on Viva in 2021.


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