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Humankind - Track 3 on MOTS vol1

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Here's a thread dedicated to the 3rd track on Coldplay's upcoming album MOTS: Humankind  Track length : 04:26

  1. 🪐 - Music Of The Spheres I

  2. Higher Power

  3. Humankind

  4.  - Alien Choir

  5. Let Somebody Go

  6. ❤️ - Human Heart

  7. People Of The Pride

  8. Biutyful

  9. 🌎 - Music Of The Spheres II

  10. My Universe

  11. ♾️ - Infinity Sign

  12. Coloratura

Discuss :awesome: 

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so this is most likely the track with the hidden song (aurora planet) since it's more than 4 minute long

My guess is that Humankind will be 3 minute long and the other track will be something like WOTW/POTP or Guns

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Do you all think that this song will end up being Life Is Beautiful or will it be♾️??

Or will it be neither? What's confusing is the snippet both have elements of Life Is Beautiful.

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The snippet of this song is definitely reminiscent of "Beyond" by Daft Punk, a truly masterpiece and my favourite track off that album.  

Hopefully this could be somewhat as epic. Fingers crossed.

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Chris has said in interviews that it's his favourite song because they wrote it with concerts in mind and he's really excited to play it on tour. :awesome: HYPED!

I think the lyrics are kind of pointless here and the instrumental is absolute fire. Really like the "how we're desiiiignneed" bit as well!

Overall I really liked it on first listen but it hasn't stuck with me yet the other others have. This is DEFINITELY like AHFOD title track for me : a good studio song but mostly made for concerts. Once I get to experience the tour, I will probably end up with a strong attachment to it (like i now feel for AHFOD). Can't wait! :dance: 

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