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​ ❤️ - Human Heart ​- Track 6 on MOTS vol1

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Here's a thread dedicated to the 6th track on Coldplay's upcoming album MOTS: Human Heart 

Track length : 03:09 

  1. 🪐 - Music Of The Spheres I
  2. Higher Power

  3. Humankind

  4.  - Alien Choir

  5. Let Somebody Go

  6. ❤️ - Human Heart

  7. People Of The Pride

  8. Biutyful

  9. 🌎 - Music Of The Spheres II

  10. My Universe

  11. ♾️ - Infinity Sign

  12. Coloratura

Discuss :awesome: 

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This song is like a warm hug💜

It is something very different from what they have done so far imo, but in a good way. I think they will combine a lot of styles and influences in this album (Coloratura, HP and Human heart may prove my theory), so I'm curious about how all this diversity will be held together

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