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Hi, I'm relatively new here and I need some help with the website. In particular, I don't understand how the PM system works as I have tried to message some users without receiving any answer from any of them. Also, what's the best way to request something from a specific user? I was looking for some old interviews and the threads regarding them seem to be inactive now... so I thought that maybe it was better to contact the users involved in those discussions individually.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi! You can PM other people by going to their account page and clicking the purple button "message". If you want to find downloads like audio/interviews/concerts/stems then you can click the Downloads section in the top section.

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Hi TheBigBadBono, thanks for answering!!

Yes, that's what I did. Maybe users don't check their PM box very often. XD

Anyway, I was looking for interviews from the "Ghost Stories" Era, but they're very rare and many that had been uploaded to Coldplaying before I joined the forum have mysteriously disappeared in the meantime. That's why I was trying to contact users individually...


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