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Secret Santa 2021 - We're back! *sleigh bells*

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Ho ho ho!

Hello everyone.

Due to a.. pepperoni? panini? pantomime? ...anyway, circumstances, the elves and I had to take a year off in 2020, but this year WE ARE BACK!

And hopefully you will be too?


This is the 12th Coldplaying Secret Santa, and here's how it works:


* You have the option to choose between sending a card or small gift to someone in your own continent or another continent. For example:

Europe to Europe
Europe to North America, South America, Oceania, Africa or Asia

* If you would like to join this year, please let us know asap. The deadline for signing up is Saturday 6th November, 11:59 PM CET.


We need the following information:

- Your name and address; please display it as you would write it on an envelope. The only person who will receive this information is your Secret Santa.

- Your email address (we need to be able to get in touch with you in case you won't reply to Coldplaying PMs).

- Secret Santa match preference: say "my continent" or "other continent" or "no preference". Please do not ask for a specific continent or country (otherwise it gets seriously complicated for Santa and the elves).


To sign up, simply PM your details to the SantaClaus account (click here to send the PM).


You will receive your Secret Santa match by the 12th of November.

We only have a couple of days between the submission deadline and when I send you your match, which is why I must insist on the submission deadline: please join before November 7th!

* A couple of important points:

- Send your card as soon as possible (preferably before December) so that it will arrive in time for Christmas! Use airmail if that option is available. This year especially, there may still be some covid related delivery delays in some countries, so please send early.

You can ask your local post office how long it will take for your card to arrive. In previous years some cards never arrived and some people received their card long after Christmas (January/February) so please try to send the card in time, especially if it has to travel across oceans and so on.

- When you receive your match's information, please confirm that you have all the info.

- Send a PM to the SantaClaus account after you send your card to your Secret Santa match.

- Suggestion: Take a picture of your card/package before you ship. That way, if there is any lost mail, you can at least share the picture and description of the items you had carefully and lovingly prepared for other Coldplaying members.

- Post a message in this thread after receiving your card (with a photo if possible so that everyone can see what you got)  or at least send a PM to Santa to confirm that you have received it.


In case you don't know what Secret Santa is all about, have a look at the threads that were made for the previous editions:


Secret Santa 2009: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/50383-coldplaying-christmas-2009-secret-santa-post-a-pic-if-you-already-received-a-card-d

Secret Santa 2010: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/57550-secret-santa-2010

Secret Santa 2011: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/61968-secret-santa-2011-dont-forget-to-send-your-card

Secret Santa 2012: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/68201-secret-santa-2012

Secret Santa 2013: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/69764-secret-santa-2013

Secret Santa 2014: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/71546-secret-santa-2014/

Secret Santa 2015: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/72858-secret-santa-2015-christmasiscoming-cards-are-on-their-way

Secret Santa 2016: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/74503-secret-santa-2016-~-a-sleigh-full-of-gifts/

Secret Santa 2017: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/75253-secret-santa-2017-insert-festive-bells-here/

Secret Santa 2018: https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/75608-secret-santa-2018-a-head-full-of-christmas-dreams/

Secret Santa 2019:   https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/76039-secret-santa-2019-christmas-intensifies-matches-have-been-sent/





We wish you all a Happy holidays season and hope you will join us once again this year! If you have any questions, you can send me a PM or post in this thread.



Santa vfxuQgT.gif


List of participants:

Captain Crieff

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Okay you know what? It has been 39429 years since the last time I took part in this and I MISS YE OLDEN TIMES

so yes COUNT ME IN AS WELL :dance:

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