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Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

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Such an amazing set design with an amazing singer! (And Will of course!)

Look at those gorgeous curls :heart_eyes:

Posted Images

Love the curls but I love the short hair too! Let's face it he's gorgeous people no matter what!! :kiss:


I agree.. I do adore the curls, but even I will admit they were getting slightly out of control.


He has curls, they seem under control now, the better news is that he looks really happy in that photo! I'm always for that!




OKay so maybe they are gone...






That length is lovely ! its not too short.. He still has some curls..


Maybe he just thought they were too long so he cut them, but they'll grow again? :rolleyes:


... He looks awesome anyway. :nod:


Yes this..


Hey if he kept growing them he might end up like this!



:laugh3: a trim ladies.. that's all.. give up the suicidal thoughts please K!

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Hello ladies! Sorry I haven't been on, my charger broke :( just got a new one yesterday! :D


oh bad news.. looks like the curls are gone..






WHAT?? :dazzled: I was not expecting this!!  :surprised: i thought he was gonna keep the curls for the new era. I think I'm alright with it. I think the curls were starting to make him look older not younger :). R.I.P Chris martins curls :cry:








OHMYGOD! :dazzled::dazzled::dazzled::dazzled::dazzled::dazzled: he looks so ADORABLE!!! I spy chest hair!!!!  :heart: he's just asdfghjkl he looks so HOT!! I like Chrissy more with the non-art-garfunkles-ugly-cousin look. I bet Will made him cut it. He looks like 2009 Chris again :dazzled: I think I'm fine with anyway Chrissy cuts/styles his precious hair. 

I'm happy Chris hasn't been giving a shit about what the paps think, I'm proud he's going with Gwyneth more :). 


Love the curls but I love the short hair too!  Let's face it he's gorgeous people no matter what!!  :kiss:


Yes!!! He always will be gorgeous no matter what! Even if he shaves his head :lol: 


Again with the bandaid from a blood draw. What is wrong with Chris??? Should we panic?


I hope Chris is okay, I'm sure there's nothing to be worried about, Chris is the picture of health :).


The guys are so great with their fans!! :heart: Happy Birthday Viva La Vida!!!


Happy birthday Viva La Vida!!! one brilliant album!! :chris::jonny::guy::will::phil: love you guys :kiss:

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Honestly, I like him with shorter hair.

I loved the curls from Viva era, but the one he had now were too messy for my taste ;)

I like his new haircut very, very much! :dazzled:


Anyway, Chris and Gwyneth both look amazing :)

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That MX photoshoot gets me every time. I'd change my desktop photo to that except it's my husband's computer too! He would not appreciate it like I do!


You need to get your own log in! I'm certain I couldn't share my computer with my husband! LOL :laugh3:





My desktop today..


^^:dazzled: you know I love u so Rowie.


:heart: K.

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