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Everyday Life era leaks

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1 hour ago, Xyloband_99 said:

I think it sounds more like Aegean rather than Arabic. Instrumentally it has some Greek-Turkish vibes. Olive trees live around Greece and aegean part of Turkey so it makes more sense. Also about Everyday Life it has been confirmed by Turkish authorities that Coldplay would do the sunrise and sunset live stream in Ephesus. But government didn't let them to do it because of the risk that sounds can damage the artifacts there and they went on with Amman Citadel.

Turkish  music aren't so different from old Arabic music specially the Oud.

Olive trees are very common in palestine, the sample in the beginning is recorded by Chris martin in Jerusalem with his phone. i think the Crisis in Palestine is what inspired this song but i could be wrong

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10 hours ago, edupoint said:

Never trust an artists opinions...

Yet I personally think it is one of their best of the last 10 years easily better than 50% of AHFOD and 75% of MOTS about same level as GS and EL 

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I Also Extended Arabesque with the Demo and the Heavy Part, I think it's really cool, ☀️😎

The first part sounds really good and interesting just because of the sounds, it makes a lot of sense now the booklet to know where exactly "Le Trio Joubran" participated in the track, I investigated them and they make that kind of music. Let's hope the band release that amazing piece some day.

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On 2/3/2024 at 4:20 AM, llamapython said:

Alright so I've got my hands on the snippets thanks to @GamingForeverAUS so I'll do my best to speak about them and put down my theories

In Order:

1 Arabesque Demo Snippet

2 A song that has the lyrics 'Together Glow, All The Wedding Bells They Go!' now of course Wedding Bells is an old song and the instrumental does sound quite similar to the old version so I believe this is the remastered version of Wedding Bells

3 A song that sounds like Flags - maybe a demo, has the lyrics 'How Often Do I Miss Ya? Everyday'

4 A song that sounds like a very early version of Church but I don't think it is, the lyrics are 'We Come With The Darkness, We Come With The Light'

5 Snippet of Weirdo

6 A song that sounds a lot like Sparks but with violins, has the lyrics 'Oh My Love, Oh My Heart, Oh My Dar(ling?)' I would describe it as Sparks' instrumental and Let Somebody Go's vocals

7 A song with the lyrics 'When You Feel Like Nothing'

8 A song with the lyrics 'Down By The River, Pray' sounds like there is a choir with Chris' voice + slightly vocoded and piano in the background

9 A Church demo, with the lyrics 'And To The Rescue, You Walk With ??'

10 An Orphans demo with the lyrics 'Shaking The Walls In My (Moon)?' sounds like it right before the chorus

11 When I Need A Friend Demo 'Holy, Slowly' Chris' voice is a lot louder in this version

12 Old Friends Demo, lyrics are 'Some Way, Though They're Gone, Still Leave (A Light On?)'

13 Biutyful Demo, Angel Moon sounds the same but the instrumental is different / less built up


That's all I've got for now if anyone wants to hear it for themselves DM me 

Hey pal, can i get those snippets?

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On 2/4/2024 at 3:27 AM, FadingWest said:

Weirdo and Arabesque are fully on YouTube, snippets are unlisted on YouTube but the link was posted here earlier

Has that video been removed???

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14 hours ago, rcktsky said:

my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined 😂  (the cat looks horrifying btw)

Does anyone know the full lyrics to Olive Tree?

No idea, I tried deciphering them but it's like Heart On Fire 2.0


Wait For Me
Under The Olive Tree
By The Sargasso Sea
Stay, Stay For Me
Still Won't You Sing For Me?
Upon A ??? Siege, You See

Now Let Me Bring You Up To Speed

We Got A Message From The Top
Going For The Long Shot
We Going For The Day Drop
???? Stop, Shot, Shot

Pray, Pray For Me
I See My Enemy
He's Just The Same As Me
So Who Says, The Same Old Me
What If All I Want To Be
Don't Wanna Be Some ???

Oh Then Nobody Has To Bleed

We Got A Yearning To Be Free
Turn ???

Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh

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Based on what Ilamapython gave, I added to what I heard from the separated vocals. I know some of these don't make any sense at all but it's something. I cant unhear "like burger on the barbie" up to a point where im convinced its that 😂😂😂:


Wait for me
Under the olive tree
By the Sargasso sea
Stay, stay for me
Still what the ???
(Upon the ground it seems to see/ A pomegranate seed to see)

Now let me bring you up to speed

We got a message from the top
Going for the long shot
We're going for the day drop (what they dropped)
All of the leaders run the stars, they shine shine

Pray, pray for me
I see my enemy, he's just the same as me
so who says, its him or me
What if all our work could piece
Dont want to be some peace, some peace

Oh then nobody has to bleed

We got a yearning to be free
(Turned up into coffin/ tell my little girl, free)
Like murder on a heartbeat (like burger on a barbie LMAO)

They like to strip us from together

Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh
Aahh Aahh

Yeah instrument's the piece!


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