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Post piccies of the sexy Mr Berryman..

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:lol:   I remember at the concert in Paris in September, when they were on the x-stage I noticed Guy doing some hip movements and laughed and told the gurl next to me, who had noticed it too :lol: N

The many face's of Guy from tumblr :D

Posted Images

I've always used photobucket for uploading my photos and basically it's the same thing, it even has the image-code needed for a forum. Anyway --


But take the space away. Oh, and usually you can't hotlink things from the page, you have to save it and then upload it somewhere else.


Kara -- well, someone had to point it out!


Can I just point out that I love Guy's hands these days. God, I'm so mean!


see what you need to do is uncapitalize the and make it

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DANG. What's been up with Guy lately? he was the bomb, the one every female wanted to bang because of his steamy hotness... and now.....eek.




AND Chris looks HILARIOUS.


True with the first one... but Chris looks gorgeous!! :snobby:

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I think is just a matter of wrong URL Redgirl, but it happens ;-)



That's the photo I was trying to put up!


Think he's slimmer because of all his training for the marathon - but me likey (I've always had a thing for skinny guys!)

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seth green!


That man is scarier than Spam Boy. (And I would prefer that Chris didn't remind you of strange people.)

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Wow, he's really sexy :kiss:


Sorry to ask this, I'm sure this has been posted somewhere here in those 1956 pages of thread, but does anyone maybe know how tall Guy is? He seems to be a bit shorter than the others...

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i think Guy is looking better now than he ever looked before :stunned:


an extremely beautiful looking man




Yeah, I don't get the posts from people saying he hasn't looked good in the recent pictures... I almost forget there are three other people in them.


Just gorgeous! :rolleyes:

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