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Post piccies of the sexy Mr Berryman..

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:lol:   I remember at the concert in Paris in September, when they were on the x-stage I noticed Guy doing some hip movements and laughed and told the gurl next to me, who had noticed it too :lol: N

The many face's of Guy from tumblr :D

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Well that was funny! :lol:


I love videos about the band members where they're doing non-music stuff! :dance:



^ and yeah, someone able to rip this vid? I can only watch it on the internet explorer and that SUX :shame:

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Now I'm sure that video will provide entertainment for weeks :lol:


And you know what really exciting? There's a "To Be Continued" :awesome: (I noticed it after watching it for 5 times, so yeah, that's what Guy does to my attentiveness)

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ladies, I'm surpised no one has gone looking for Guy on Ebay and found out if there's anything else weird and beautifully wonderful that he's purchased. I'm looking forward to seeing part 2 of the bus story as I think it's a cutie and who knows perhaps Coldplay will be doing the Summer 2013 festival circuit in her?

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