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The official **KEANE** thread

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Yesterday I bought their album and in the course of around 46 minutes fell completely in love with this band. I saw them open for U2 back in October and thought they were absolutely amazing (best opening act I'd seen to this date), but then I sort of forgot about them for awhile.


So count me as a new fan. I smell an obsession forming. :uhoh:

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Oh geez, I really would like some b-sides. Is there a site I can go to to get them? And if there is, could anyone direct me to it?? I'd be so grateful! ;) :D


It was amazing seeing them, even though I really had no idea who they were ( :embarrased: ). They just really owned the Boston Garden for the hour before U2 came on. They definately got the entire crowd into it, which can't be said for many opening acts.

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www.hopedriven.org/keane you can listen to here' date='if you like some,ask :D i will upload ;)[/quote']


I would love anything that is not on the 1st album. :wink3:


This stuff sounds good.


Aw jeez, I'd have to agree with sniggerb :lol: :wink3: I'd hate to be such a pain in the ass, but honestly I would love ANYTHING that's not on their album (or I'm willing to buy singles if someone could tell me what's worth getting on maybe itunes, etc, I feel bad downloading everything free :confused: ). But yeah. I'd just like anything B-sideish, coverish, anything! Crap. I've only had their album um what, a complete day now? And I am completely in love with them???


Are they supposed to be this contagious?! :lol:

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Could I request an MP3 of their With Or Without You cover?


It's incredible how just hearing this on that site you linked, radioactive_coldplayer, can make an old song for me, seem so fresh and amazing.


I'd be so thankful to get this on my ipod! :D

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bump :mellow:


any news about "download single" ? :huh:


I read a thread about this on the Keane fanboard and most people over there seem to think its just a rumor and won't happen. Since there new album comes on in May, they will probably just release a proper single in stores and available for download. But who knows for sure, anythings possible.

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Is this site no longer working, or is my computer just being funky? If it's down, it's too bad because I enjoyed listening to the songs there, without having to bug you guys for an mp3 upload ;)


But if it's down, could I make a few requests? You can PM them to me if it's easier! :D


-Walnut Tree


-The Way You Want It

-Your Song (cover)



I'd be very thankful :)



(And yeah, in the past week I've completely fallen in love with this band. They really appeal to my tastes more and more each day)

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