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The official **KEANE** thread

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Oh have you guys not seen it yet? It's fecking SCARY! Well maybe that's just me... :laugh4:

I was watching alone at night and it really scared the crap out of me!!! :stunned: :uhoh2:


Watched them live in Chicago lastnight on channel4 again...it was soooo good! :) They are fantastic live, really give it their all and are so grateful to the crowd. Seem like really sweet guys.

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I was lying in bed last night and couldn't sleep, so I threw Keane on.



Something In Me Was Dying helped me to relax, I loooove that song!


awesome song - def. one of their strongest tracks ever.

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finally i've seen it....well...WOW!!!!!!


Keane always did great videos......but this is............one of the most brilliant videos i've ever seen incredibly dark, heavy and deep, but i have to say this factor makes the clip BEATIFUL in my opinion.




EDIT: IMO this song/video is a mix of Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Coldplay (my 3 favourite bands) :nice:

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