Ghost Stories era – Coldplay’s 2014 in pictures!

Ghost Stories era - Coldplay's 2014 in pictures!
It’s been a wonderful year in 2014 as Coldplay returned with their sixth album Ghost Stories. The band were taking a break from their usual world conquering stadium tours, in the favour of downsized and more intimate venues, where Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will could see the ‘whites of peoples eyes’. The stage setup was elegant and the decor reflected the album’s theme to a tee, which Coldplay are masters of since their French revolution inspired fourth album.

You can view the HD photos of Coldplay’s beautiful Ghost Stories era on the Coldplaying gallery, which has been updated to include the latest live shows and appearances (more info to follow). If you’ve viewed our gallery within the past few months, you would of seen the snaps from their grand re-introduction at the iTunes festival in March, all the way up to Chris and Jonny’s live charity appearance in Los Angeles at the end of October.

To give you a summary of Coldplay’s live appearances since the last gallery update : In the middle of November, we were starstruck as Chris Martin and Bono were among the huge range of celebrities recording Band Aid 30, in the aid of Ebola. It was a quiet period on the live front (with the Live 2014 DVD and interactive Ink video keeping us entertained) and that soon changed, with a flurry of musical goodness to end the Ghost Stories era in style! The shock announcement that Chris Martin will be covering Bono as U2’s frontman, in the Irish singer’s absence, due to sickness, resulted in Chris, Edge, Adam and Larry kicking off December in fine fashion by performing U2’s Beautiful Day and With Or Without You during the RED concert for World AIDs Day in New York. Thousands of Coldplayers cheered in pure delight as Coldplay decided to perform a ‘one-off’ Ghost Stories concert in Munich, Germany, during a winter’s night at the BMW Welt, where Christmas Lights made its annual return.

Coldplay In Munich - Ghost Stories 2014

The band’s last proper concert was celebrated at the BBC, with a capacity of just a few hundred fans present in the BBC Theater. Coldplay would return to the nearby Earl’s Court a few days later, where they last performed a live concert during the Twisted Logic tour in 2005. The band had the privilege of kicking off the first ever BBC Music Awards, with their most recognisable hit of the era, A Sky Full Of Stars. A pre-recorded performance and interview at the NRJ Awards in Cannes, France signaled the end of the Ghost Stories era, as Coldplay continue their work on the seventh studio album, A Head Full Of Dreams.

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For the Coldplayers who enjoy reading articles/summaries, we will soon be moving onto the Ghost Stories era in February article, when Coldplay uploaded a new song out of nowhere, complete with a ‘trippy’ music video. You can view the January summary here. You also have a unique opportunity to write a summary yourself! Please visit this thread on the forums for details on which months are available and how to reserve your spot.