Gwyneth Paltrow: “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I collaborate with Coldplay”

Gwyneth Paltrow has finally put to bed any possibility of collaborating with Coldplay or to create studio material with the band, according to The Sun today. Here’s what they had to say online earlier:

2011 has seen Gwyneth reinvent herself as a musical star somewhat with singing roles in both Glee and her new movie Country Strong. That doesn’t mean she will be hooking up in the studio with her husband any time soon though. Asked by The Sun if she would ever perform with Chris, Gwyneth replied: “Never. I think hell would freeze over first. So I guess if I did (form a band with Chris) it would be called the Hell Freezes Over Band.”

This is hardly surprising news though, Chris Martin has long been secretive about his relationship with his wife, as she explains: “He doesn’t want people to listen to his music and automatically think of us as a couple. And I think it’s better that way – it’s nicer to keep it so that when we are at home it is our own thing. Then, when we’re in public, that’s our careers. It’s just better to keep it separate.”

Coldplay will headline this June’s Glastonbury festival. Gwyneth might be there… but don’t go expecting her to be making an appearance!

Recent pictures of Coldplay with fans at the Bakery (March 2011): [thanks to laurenev49]