Jonny Buckland "Can't Wait" For The Lead Single And Album Release

Jonny Buckland “Can’t Wait” For Lead Single And Album Release

Coldplay’s lead guitarist was very enthusiastic at the prospekt of their upcoming releases. ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ is expected to be the first single from the same titled seventh record and Coldplayzone have documented a meeting between fans and Jonny Buckland, alongside Will Champion.

Drummer, Will was inspired by the culture and atmosphere of vibrant India, from when the band traveled over to shoot their upcoming music video.

You can read the article from our friends at below, translated into English via Google Translate:

It ‘been a long day than yesterday for Coldplay , totally spent within the walls of the Bakery , intent to attend the last works for publication of A Head Full Of Dreams , their new album.

Some fans have met the group out of their recording studio and managed to steal something more on the imminent launch of their new publication: Chris , just back from Los Angeles, he revealed that ‘I can not wait to play again ‘ , while Will – the more verbose the complex – announced that he literally worshiped India and its colors, its flavors and its atmosphere, as it seemed to be glad Amazing Day is enjoyed the most fans. But it was Jonny to be the most ecstatic, launching into an ‘I can not wait to come out the first single and the album’ , a clear sign that the new work of Coldplay could see the light in a imminent .

And that feeling was confirmed by Matt McGinn , their faithful collaborator , who announced that he would soon be released the new single and that the new LP will dawn in stores before the end of the year .

Throughout the day, the Coldplay were in the company of Jason Regler , the inventor of Xylobands (Bright Bracelets of myloxylotoiana memory), which wanted to show new features and optimizations of its instruments in view of what will be the promotional tour of A Head Full Of Dreams . The band , according to rumors, he wanted to personally test with Jason interaction between music and visual effects of xylobands directly between its four walls of friends.

In short, all the players gathered: A Head Full Of Dreams is about to go on stage …

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