[Las Vegas preview] Jay-Z: Coldplay’s Chris Martin like a ‘brother from another mother’

It’s traditional to spend New Year with friends and family and Jay-Z gets to do both this year – and gets paid for it – by performing in Las Vegas with Coldplay, writes BBC Newsbeat today, in a preview article to tomorrow night’s invitation-only event at the Cosmopolitan complex, Las Vegas. You can discuss the reports to this latest event at the Coldplay Live forum now and over the next few days.

The US rapper has told Newsbeat that Coldplay’s Chris Martin is his “brother from another mother,” and admits he sees him as often as possible. “I see him more than my own brother,” he admitted. “Actually, I do!”

Coldplay and Jay Z will play separate gigs, plus a joint performance, on 31 December at the new Cosmopolitan casino and resort in Las Vegas. The luxury complex is rumoured to have cost £2.5bn and only opened a few weeks ago with an ceremony that featured Killers frontman Brandon Flowers. The invitation-only New Year’s event is sold out, and while Jay-Z admits the show is expensive he also says it’ll be relatively intimate.

The lucky few in the audience will no doubt be keen to see Jay-Z and Chris Martin perform a track or two together. Luckily the pair have history. In 2006 they collaborated on the rapper’s track Beach Chair, and again in 2008 for the Coldplay song Lost. They have also performed live together several times – in London, at the 2009 Grammy Awards, and at a gig to open the New York Yankees’ stadium in September.

The hip hop mogul is also upbeat about the chances of recording a new collaboration with Chris Martin: “If he’ll allow me”, he told Newsbeat. The rapper called the British singer-songwriter “one of the geniuses of our generation.”

“Any time you can collaborate with that sort of genius, you jump at the chance, I don’t care who you are.”

However, another duet with wife Beyonce could be different matter. It’s been a while since Bonnie & Clyde reached number two in the UK chart in 2002, and Jay-Z says another hook-up could still be a long way off. “I don’t think she’ll allow me,” Jay-Z admitted. “But we’ll see! It’s her music, it’s always the person’s choice. You can’t just turn up at their door and say ‘I want to be on track four’. Otherwise I would’ve been at Bono’s house!”

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Photos of Chris Martin on stage at Yankees Stadium, NYC with Jay-Z (13th September 2010):