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    So I was messing around with some stuff and since the original instrumental is literaly, well, just that!, I readded the choir layer without Chris'es vocal take. I have his voice isolated too and it's sooo sooo sweet! I'll share everything I got once I get my new computer, but get ready to be excited! I'm posting this here for the moment just for fun! https://mega.nz/file/FCRBAADQ#rYo-lYE2J-Axsq79U4ohhYpWXtngxD4hRIsKmMbcZP4
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    Coldplay has been recording at the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin for perhaps as long as the last 12 days: That's very exciting news. The band all together in the same location !
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    I'm start to suspect that LP9's delay is due to the "Music of the Spheres" trademark property claim
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    Agree with JC90. Good to see a performance but always incredibly important to keep expectations in check because I've been burned on many of my hopes and dreams since I started speculating in 2010 (god I'm old). That said, I really enjoyed the color palette and visuals of the performance. The person who I assume worked on this also did that solid Paradise "live performance" last month, which was great. If the speculation continues down a route of a "space-themed" album with UFO's and ALIENS, I could see them incorporating some of these colors and visuals styles into the next era. It would maintain a colorful and exciting experience that doesn't retread the MX and AHFOD eras.
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    Random thought I've been mulling over after listening to EL in full a few times this week: One of the reason's I think coldplay has struggled to have the same amount of critical success over the past 5 years is a lack of focus. I love AHFOD, Kaleidoscope EP and EL but all of them are just so unfocused. The genres are all over the place, the themes and lyrics are incredibly generalized. Go back to MX and GS -- at least a story is being told. Sure, i'd argue those stories are vague and the lyrics are a major step down from earlier Coldplay, but at least there's a theme that's stuck to. The only thing keeping EL from potentially being my fave Coldplay album is it's lack of focus. We jump from somber classical music, to alt-rock lite about loving someone, to a song about systemic racism, to bombs over Syria to best friends of past. I'm a defender of the album but man it's hard to explain what it's about and why. My hope for LP9 is that thematically, lyrically and musically its tighter and more focused. Perhaps a space theme is the way to go, especially if tells stories about characters from beginning to end, like MX but I'd hope more obvious and poetic.
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    So am i crazy or does the grainy background on the website resemble the MOTS background?
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    😞 Hi guys, I know we expected some update or official announcement about LP9 but unfortunately it was not like that ... Some time ago I made a design based on the Everyday Life booklet, surely you saw it somewhere else ... but I wanted to add a couple of things and I got this, I hope you like it. 😄
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    Germany is one of the few countries that seems to have COVID under control, and you don’t have to self isolate for 2 weeks when returning to the UK. So it makes sense why they picked there.
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    Yes, it's true. The font and background have changed.
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    Popular Coldplay cover band 'Atlas Apart', have released a new cover of 'Lovers in Japan' and it's epic! Atlas Apart was formed during lockdown back in March to participate in Global Citizen's ' Together at Home', a campaign rallying funds for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. The group follows Coldplay's mantra of 'One Big Band', a staple of Coldplay's concerts in recent years, and has received massive community involvement from the wonderful Coldplay fanbase! Whilst not having a round-the-clock frontman, the group employs a new singer for each cover to showcase the vast talent present in the Coldplay community. Atlas Apart consists of violinist Elif from England, guitarist Gideon and drummer Frank from The Netherlands, and pianist / guitarist Kyle and bassist / guitarist Rece from the US. When asked about working from opposite ends of the world, the group said: "It's amazing yet a little challenging. We've definitely got a nice flow going when it comes to recording. Although it's a little challenging sometimes, it makes it more rewarding when the pieces all come together for the final song. It still would be nice to play/jam in the same space with everyone, but thats what makes this band special. Playing together from opposite sides of the world." The band's latest project is a cover of Lovers in Japan, a fan favourite taken from Coldplay's fourth studio album. "As soon as we discussed doing Lovers in Japan, my homemade tack piano was the first thing that popped into my head. Unfortunately it's a little out of tune and I didn't have enough time to get someone to come and tune it. So I bought a tack piano VST for the audio, but decided to use the tack piano for the visual. It was the first time I played it in a cover other than showing it initially back in 2013. It probably would have been more fitting for the Charlie Brown cover seeing as it has an MX coat of paint, but the tack aspect of it was perfect for Lovers in Japan" says Kyle. "We are working on originals as well! We are looking forward to the future and wherever it might take us. We have these goals set up to achieve as a band. Some of them include things like finding a permanent vocalist, releasing our first original, etc... We are in full throttle mode right now with creating the music, and can’t wait to record them fully! Well, once we find a permanent vocalist" Whatever the band has in store, you can keep up to date with them by following their social medias by clicking here!
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    I'm not saying that they're going to release an album like "Los Unidades", in fact, Guy confirmed in an interview that they were working on a LP like Coldplay. I think that "Unsold ideas" could be a hypothetical clue.
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    Phil said long before COVID that the band wouldn’t be touring until 2021 at the earliest, right? Personally I would love to see this happen, and would be willing to travel abroad and self isolate etc. to see them live again..
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    My interpretation of this powerful and beautiful solo. Hope you like it!☺️
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    All I’ll say @Gideon_Mx is that your main squeeze will love it if you don’t do that again! See you soon vs Old Friends
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    I must have shared it once because it's still sitting in my mediafire files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p53esis6yzjpm7q/Digital_Tour_Pack_MX.zip/file @raisethisnoise
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    I love A Whisper, but Trouble in Town is even better imho Trouble in Town vs Trouble
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    I guess it depends when they think they would be able to tour the album- like maybe late next year there could be a possibility of putting in some tour dates, in which case they could announce the album relatively soon?
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    This new logo, it has a vibe to Music of the Spheres
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    I totally get that feeling! Yeah, I think many of us, if not everyone is in that same situatio! At least, I am
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    Thanks gideon I'm doing great!
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    Hi Gustavo, welcome to the forum! Ghost Stories is also my favorite album, can't beat listening to it on headphones. So many heartbreaking but beautiful songs!
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    Just wanted to say hi! I’ve been listening to Coldplay for most of my life but really started loving them on a deeper level during the quarantine. Now I’m just here to connect with other people who appreciate them ☺️
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    Whilst https://coldplayofficialukshop.com/ has been saying "opening soon" for months now, the shop you actually go to when clicking on the link on their website never did (at least for me).
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    Probably, it would not make much sense to make changes now and change it again if they release lp9 in a few months
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    Amazing! I love this song so much but my biggest complaint is that Chris' vocals don't fit super well with the choir. This fixes that problem!
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    Awesome! Please share Chris' isolated vocal soon. Can't wait
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    Hi Sachi, welcome to the forum!
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    I think it's safe to say teasing, if not a new single/music, will be coming by end of year, based on the Warner CEO's statements, which is very exciting! But given how nothing has been confirmed by the band we truly have not much to go on still other than the Music of the Spheres billboard (assuming that's still LP9). Also above artist rendition is super Kid A! Assuming music of the spheres is the actual album title, I'll be curious to see if they use the circular black and white graphic... My guess is no just because it's very similar to AHFOD and I expect the album to be a upbeat and colorful.
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    here's the center vocal mix of Fix You from that gig. They also turned up Will in the choruses. Still one of my fav performances of the song especially on the choruses but maybe it's just the vocal processing... center fix you canada 2006.mp3
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    Jonny's getting a lot of love here! Haha
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    Let’s end its suffering then: WHEN I NEED A FRIEND.
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    When I Need A Friend (also, no Flags?)
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    WOTW/POTP It had a lot of potential, but it's VERY short and it doesn't have the quality of Parachutes.
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    I never thought of it this way... I thought the Tchaikovsky lyric was just Chris trying to sound poetic or reference some work of his, and I thought of the references to flags as referring to nationalities/immigration, but honestly you may be onto something. Regardless, the "I just love you for yourself" message is so wholesome, and I like when Coldplay can be that way in a song without it sounding really cheesy. I thought that too... The lyrics mention "La Varsovienne," which is the French name of two different Polish revolutionary songs from the 19th and 20th centuries, respectively. There are some very Viva-esque themes here...
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    I don't think it was just about collabs and togetherness. I think there was a specific sound they were going for...think of the layers and build. I think they were more involved in the creation of this sound than it may seem when you just think it is a brass section added for kicks. I think it is much more intentional than that. I think it is a powerful jam session. Guy's bass especially features prominently. The rest of the band has their sounds also mingled. All that being said, I understand if those sounds aren't some folks cup of tea. But I don't think we can give no credit to the band for the concept or sound of the final piece.
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    Holy shit Coldplay. Welcome fucking back. Talk about a banger.
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    I keep listening to this song over and over. I can’t believe they actually did this. Like, Jesus Christ guys, where the hell have you been the last 10 years?
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    My favorite Coldplay member is Jonny. I think he's one of the most underrated guitarists in the realm of popular artists. He's not as technically proficient as some other guitarists, but that just owes a lot to the style of music that he generally plays. The music of Coldplay is more focused on melodies than technicalities. The only time you will ever hear Jonny "shred" like a metal guitarist is the end of GPASUYF. Listen to any live version from 2011 or 2012 and you will hear what I mean. :awesome: But one thing I love about Jonny Buckland is that he's so humble. He's not the most versatile musician in the band... Will definitely deserves that recognition... but instead, Jonny can some up with some of the prettiest and catchiest riffs I have ever heard. You can tell he is inspired by The Edge and Ed O'Brien because of how much he enjoys effects and trying to create a diverse range of sounds from his chosen instrument. Sure, he has a signature delay sound, but he manages to do creative things with his sound in order to keep things fresh. Listen to Spies, Oceans, and Atlas to hear the haunting sound of his E-bow, creating atmospheric sounds and textures that would otherwise require a synthesizer. And did I mention that Jonny is a good singer? Ok, he's not as good as Chris and Will, but I appreciate the moments when we get to hear him sing. Other than most versions of Don't Panic, you can really hear him on live versions of Politik and Daylight, harmonizing during the verses with his deep voice.
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    From an artistic standpoint I don't really have a favorite member. They all have their way of giving something to a song or to live performances that makes it special. But considering personality my favorite member is Chris. Maybe I would have a different favorite member if I we would learn a little more about the others and probably their closer to my own personality being more shy and introvert. But the way Chris sees things and talks about them really has inspired me a lot to try to be a better and happier person and see the world in a different way. To me he's like some kind of idol on a philosophical level, I love listening to his ideas of life so much! (Lol that sounds stupid:P) And I admire him a lot for actually talking about these kind of things in interviews. Having deep thoughts is one thing but actually being able to talk about them, especially in Chris situation that the whole world might here it is a different thing. I remember in one Ghost Stories interview he mentioned how he feels like he shouldn't be talking about this deep kind of stuff because it's awkward but he also really wants to. I can relate so much to that. To me Chris is not who I can relate to the most considering personality, but more what I want to become like in most points. And for me his songwriting is also part of his message. The words he write somehow have the ability to touch you deeper than anything else and seem to be relateable for so many people out there. The messages of the songs and the way you can see it developing over time for me is one of the most important reasons to love coldplay. Well, I just love Chris as you can see haha[emoji4] [emoji173]
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    I agree with this. I don't think any of them are remotely rude. Guy and Will are definitely the shy ones, in my opinion. They're the ones who avoid fans simply because they don't want to deal with that situation and just want their privacy :P I think they really appreciate being famous and having a normal life :) You mentioned that Guy and Will go straight to the point and give clear answers. This ability comes from thinking deeply about things, which introverted people do. So I'm suggesting that they are both introverted :D
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    I agree with the last part he and Will need to talk more they're the ones who go straight to the point and give clear answers. I haven't heard about Guy being rude with fans before. I think he doesn't know how to handle the situation. In terms of how they treat fans, I think Jonny is the one who is sweeter with the coldplayers who approach him. He always has a smile for them. And as someone said, each one is special and their brotherhood is unbelievable. But, I still think Guy and Chris are my favorite members :dazzled:
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    If you can tell me something worth fighting for ! ;) :P Seriously, the reasons I would say I like Guy least are the following: He is the one who I believe appreciates the fan connection least, i once read he has sometimes, especially in the older days, reacted not so kindly when fans spotted him. He is probably the one member of the band who I wouldn't immediately approach if I ran into him on the street. He has a grudge against Talk, which is why Coldplay will probably never play this masterpiece live again, as Chris once said in an interview. Apparently there are also some other older songs which are left out because Guy has something against them. But of course that doesn't mean I dislike him because i obviously like all of them ! And I wish he would talk more in interviews...
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    well, i don't really have a particular favorite member, because they are all equally important and equally Coldplay, but if you'll excuse me for a moment... *shuts off Chris mode* i am here to talk about William Champion (since no one else has yet :P). :will: Will, what can he do? really the question you should be asking is what CAN'T he do??? his name is WILL not WON'T and it shows. :will: "i don't know how to play drums but you guys need a drummer? OK!" and look at where we are now. dude is crazy on the drums. but that's not all - he plays piano, guitar, harmonica. all without ever having a middle name (that's relevant). really if there's a thing you can play, Will has played it. have you heard him sing? of course you have, he does that too. IMO he gives Beyonce a run for her money... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=_jgIMEk19JM;m=2;s=41 he's got the same enthusiasm as Chris on stage even if he's mostly sitting down (i mean, Chris is often laying down too :lol:) and hidden from the audience. he's calm and laid-back in interviews, always 100000000% (that's mathematically possible) genuinely kind to whoever he is talking to. and you might be thinking now... OK... Will is cool and all... but can he act like Chris can? funny little skits, stuff like that? YES. of course, you know his famous role in Game of Thrones :lol: so not only can he do the funny bits, but he has taken on more serious acting as well. but how does he compare to the other two? Will Champion: is he a hot stud like Guy? Will has his own brand of gruff handsomeness. is he a giggly cutie like Jonny? Will has the most adorable smile that will light up your heart. two for the price of one. so, in conclusion, Will Champion is THE MAN! (ok, i'm not good at conclusions... but you get the point)
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    Prediction: Late 2020: Single/EP Early- mid 2021: Second single followed by LP9 Late 2021: Tour kicks off in COVID-19 free places (eg NZ & Australia)
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    Prospekt's March (sorry @The Jordanator) vs See You Soon
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    Life in Technicolor ii vs Lovers In Japan
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    Wow, honestly, for me it feels more like a ''Try to survive ....'' game instead of a ''War of the Coldplay songs'' game these days Talk vs Strawberry Swing

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