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    Finally the ALIENS inspired art that I finished a few days ago. The picture looks really bad, I'll need to scan it sometime.
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    They could release that on Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends 20th Anniversary. Disc 1: Original Album (remastered) Disc 2: Prospekts March EP (remastered) Disc 3: Studio version of these songs: - Famous Old Painters - Don Quixote (Spanish Rain) - Bloodless Revolution - St. Stephen - The Fall of Man - First Steps - Lukas - Goodbye and Goodnight Disc 4: Rare live performances Can't blame me from dreaming :p
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    I was at London a couple weeks ago (what a beautiful city!) and I was at Muse's gig. I think Coldplay should do a similar gig/gigs, BECAUSE; The gig was at a small venue (O2 Shepherd's Bush London, where also Coldplay has played; gigs at small venues are always very unique!), all the proceeds went to charity, and the best part; fans (ticket holders to be precise) got to vote for 10 songs of (almost) all Muse songs, even b-sides, songs never played live or for a long time. As most of the tickets got sold to the fanclub members, all the songs that made to top 10 were really rare, and they even took some other songs from the results below top 10. (if anyone is a Muse fan and wants to see the setlist; https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2017/o2-shepherds-bush-empire-london-england-7be55664.html ) Imagine if Coldplay would do gigs at small venues and let fans vote for the setlist? A "request/rarities" mini tour? That would be amazing!! :eek: The results would be really good when us fans would combine our forces and vote collectively. (Yeah, Coldplay has had the c-stage "requests" but they are acoustic and the choices have become quite repetitive)
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    My dream Coldplay setlist would be a Viva 10-year anniversary shows where they focus on celebrating the best Oldplay deep cuts with an emphasis on darker songs for a select few shows. The shows would also be notably longer and more intense! Here's what I'd love to hear, and as you'll see, not a single song is very "happy." :) Main Stage 0. Charlie Chaplin Intro with Live 2003 intro sounds jangles fades out.... 1. Politik with Live 2017 backdrop video, fades out.. 2. Cemeteries in London guitar outro fades into... 3. Spies (alt. version) 4. GPASUYF (2012 version) 5. The Scientist 6. I Ran Away 7. Yes (explosive outro with Will's drum solo) 8. Midnight (laser show) B-Stage 9. Trouble 10. Warning Sign 11. Talk (Techno Version) -- rest of band leaves 12. Hardest Part/Postcards (LRLR version) Main Stage 13. Square One 14. White Shadows 15. Daylight 16. Amsterdam Encore at C-stage 17. Don't Panic (Jonny lead vocals) 18. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground 19. A Message 20. Til Kingdom Come Main Stage: 21. 42 22. Reign of Love (piano into...) 23. DAAOHF Second Encore 24. Life In Technicolor ii 25. Everything's Not Lost (Glastonbury Version)
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    Finally, they are framed! [emoji4] I bought these 2 posters at the AHFOD Exhibition in Camden on 19/06/2016.
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    A stage 1. Speed of sound 2. Hopefull transmition to Don´t let it break your heart 3. Fix you 4. The scientist 5. Up and Up 6. A head full of dreams B stage 7. O 8. All i can think about is you 9. A message 10.Up in flames A stage 11. Viva la vida C stage 12. Reign of love/Warning sign 13. Srawberry swing 14 True love 15. In my place A stage 16. Politik 17. Life in technicolor 2 18. Ghost story 19. Everglow 20. Moving to mars 21. Amazing day 22. Gravity 23. Christmas lights Encore 24. Prospekt's march 23.Glass of water 24. Hipnotized
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    I created this setlist yesterday, entitled "Glass of Water: Coldplay Mix". Tried my best to limit it down to 21 tracks. Patterned after Coldplay's tour format, the list begins with the powerful A Head Full of Dreams followed by five energy-filled tracks. Then Midnight kicks in and acts as an intro to the quieter, acoustic tracks. The second half comprises some of the band's signature hits. Then after the hype, 3 slower tempo songs will ease the tension. Hypnotised peacefully closes the setlist. 01. A Head Full of Dreams 02. Yellow 03. Glass of Water 04. In My Place 05. Talk 06. M.M.I.X./Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall 07. Midnight 08. Magic 09. Sparks 10. Us Against the World 11. Clocks 12. Fix You 13. Viva la Vida 14. Adventure of a Lifetime 15. Paradise 16. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love 17. The Scientist 18. Amazing Day 19. Warning Sign 20. Strawberry Swing 21. Hypnotised (EP Mix)
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    A Stage: Politik White Shadows Yellow In My Place Birds Yes I Ran Away B Stage: Hypnotised Ink X&Y A Stage: Charlie Brown Moses Viva la Vida God Put a Smile Upon Your Face Paradise Major Minus Swallowed in the Sea C Stage: Kaleidoscope Shiver Green Eyes Sleeping Sun A Stage: Clocks Strawberry Swing Fix You Encore: Twisted Logic
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    Yes! I love Don Quixote too! A studio version of that would be perfection but that is only in my dreams
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    Start with VLV. Not only are the discs cheaper as has been said, but also VLV was the last era where promos and singles are comparatively safe from fakes. (There are lots of fake, counterfeit promos floating around for the MX, GS and AHFOD Eras)
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    "In my place " was playing on radio late night when I couldn't sleep one night in 2002 ..overthinking and depressed...My beloved grandma had just passed away and I was going through a dark time ....double trouble ... Struggling with mental diseases. But this song was like an understanding [emoji173]. Then guy on radio said Its from "A Rush of Blood to the Head "..new album by Coldplay. Rest is history [emoji173] #15yearstruelove Sent from my SM-G930F using Coldplaying mobile app
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    Piano Chris Martin (miniature) Coldplay Mylo Xyloto
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    Coldplay miniature guitars,Chris Martin...Guy Berryman and Jon Buckland
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    The guitars from coldplay in miniature
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    As a way to celebrate the 15th anniversary I changed my signature to put lyrics to a song I can relate a lot now: Amsterdam. I'm still waiting (honestly is letting that person come) for that someone to cut me loose but I know it will come eventually I just need to wait...
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    Give me time and give me space; give me real don't give me fake. How long must you wait for it? Where do I go to fall from grace? Nobody said it was easy. And nothing else compares. I am nothing in the dark. Green eyes, you're the one that I wanted to find. So I crawl back into your open arms. So I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war, if you can tell me something worth fighting for. You came along and cut me loose. Happy 15th.
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    I really can't described until today what this album mean to me I just can only say that this is my first album that I bought before 15 years ago when I was 13 years old after I saw on MTV the clip of 'in my place', I asked from my mom 20$ and went to the near cd store in my hometown I felt in love in Coldplay in this album, there was something in them so magical that I can't explain in words (until today)
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    Dear, dear ARoBttH, if not for Viva, you would be my favorite album of all time! Clocks especially will always hold a special place in my heart as the song that introduced me to Coldplay. I remember making my mom rewind it whenever it played so I could listen to it 3-4 more times :) It's a true timeless album. I imagine I'll still be listening to it 50 years from now!
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    There is something I wanted to say about AROBTTH: You know how sometimes some albums fit better to a particular mood or mindset ? For many Coldplay albums, I feel there are moments when I can connect better with them when I'm in a particular mood. I found that AROBTTH is an album I can come back to almost regardless of my current mood. I feel it's very universal in it's sound somehow, neither too depressing nor too uplifting, neither too aggressive nor too mellow. It strikes a perfect balance in my opinion and can be listened to in almost any life situation. I wonder if anyone else feels like this about it ?
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    Happy 15th Birthday to Coldplay's masterpiece A Rush Of Blood To The Head ! An album with incredible flow, emotion, atmosphere, layering, vocals. It's the Coldplay album I most frequently listen to from beginning to end. My favorite tracks are A Rush Of Blood To The Head and Politik.
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    Look, I am all about the lesser known songs that you don't hear on the radio. I love Daylight, Fun, Another's Arms and on and on and on. Most of the time I skip the songs that they play all the time just because I have heard them so many times. But with that said, Viva la vida is one of the top 5 CP songs ever. I am sorry that you don't like it. "Be my mirror my sword and shield". But to stay on Topic, I would go with White Shadows I think it is. No aspect of the song that I really like.
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    ASFOS, SJLT, and HFTW are all "bad" songs listening it in the studio version. However if you're listening to it live, then it's one of those mindless, fun songs where you can just throw everything out the window and dance like no tomorrow. They're honestly 50/50 in my opinion.
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    Same, cant get into Birds, though everyone seems to love it. Although I wouldnt say its the worst. They didn't play it during the first Toronto show, so I dunno how i'd react. Having said that, the songs I thought I wouldnt like so much (like ASFOS, HFTW, SJLT, ETIAW, and the like) I found I really liked live. It's hard not to dance your ass off when 50,000 others around you are. None of them I would say are 'the worst' though. Pour/Poor Me also comes to mind.
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    I'm not saying those are bad songs, they're overall popularity says otherwise. But they're not the type of songs that made me love Coldplay. Too overproduced to say the least, almost like following a trend to stay relevant. Those songs just kinda make me cringe haha
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    I'll just go straight to the point and say I wish these songs weren't from Coldplay: Something Just Like This, Sky Full of Stars, Hymn for The Weekend (liked Johnny's part tho), True Love (upvote for Johnny again), Princess of China (acoustic version was alright), Up in Flames (ugh)
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    1. Intro: Life in Techincolour leading into Life in Technicolour II 2. Yellow 3. In My Place 4. Violet Hill 5. Lovers in Japan 6. Viva La Vida 7. God Put a Smile Upon My Face 8. Strawberry Swing (Acoustic Stage) 9. Reign of Love 10. Up in Flames 11. The Scientist 12. Midnight 13. Princess of China 14. Hymn for the Weekend 15. Charlie Brown 16. Fix You 17. Clocks 18. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall 19. Glass of Water 20. Hurts Like Heaven 21. A Sky Full of Stars 22. Up & Up 23. Death and All His Friends
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    Like a little bitch, third time today. What is wrong with me!?
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    Oh no, this is too hard, I'll get back to you in a few days. :P
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    every single song they've ever written. on a loop. forever. :wacko:!!!

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