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    I love Keane! They are my second favorite band! Under The Iron Sea is my favorite album of theirs. I hope they get back together soon, but at least we have Tom releasing solo material. I wish he would come tour in Colorado!
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    I feel like they'll eventually do at least a reunion show, though as time passes I get less and less hopeful. I really hope they will. I'd travel practically anywhere just to hear them play again. Their setlists at the two shows I saw were amazing and balanced ... despite not going to shows early on I still got to hear a lot of those songs because they were still playing them in the set later, which I really appreciated. If they just came back and did a greatest hit set for a show or two, I'd be thrilled with that.
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    A Spell A Rebel Yell came on my Spotify shuffle yesterday and boy, what a unique song! As much as I love the Viva era, I'd somehow forgotten that song existed and I hadn't heard it in ages. It's synth-y and very ethereal at the same time, and the lyrics are simple yet poignant. I almost feel like Ghost Stories could have ended up with a sound similar to this . . . I had to hit repeat a couple of times :heart:
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    Hello Coldplaying forums, my name is Tyler I've been a fan for sometime now (dont know how long). My favorite album by Coldplay is AROBTTH and my favorite song by Coldplay at the moment is Low & Daylight. I have not gone to a Coldplay show yet sadly but I hope to go to one in the future. Thanks for reading & i hope i meet some new friends on here! :)
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    Yes I really enjoyed The Wave, so good to hear Tom's voice again. I was hoping he would tour more, when he was in NY in winter he implied he was planning to come back again this year but I guess it didn't pan out. Fingers crossed he comes back next year and maybe hits some of the areas of the country he missed. Also for those who don't know, Tim and Jesse's side project, Mt. Desolation, is also working on an album now ... good to know Tim is back to writing. I'm hoping they do a US tour or maybe at least support someone here.
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    Yeah I forget what interview, but it was either right before AHFOD release, or right after. EDIT: Found it: I think he may have mentioned it somewhere else as well though. And a side note: those comments are complete cancer. Don't read them lol.
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    Welcome to Coldplaying !
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    Welcome, both of you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi! Daylight is such an underrated song
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    Adore Keane. For many years they were my second-favorite behind Coldplay, and always remained a favorite. I got into them a bit after Hopes and Fears was released, as soon as I heard Somewhere Only We Know I was sold. Under The Iron Sea is one of my favorite albums ever and most important in my life, and A Bad Dream is one of my favorite songs ever written (like top 3 with Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, and The Scientist). Tim's songwriting was phenomenal and Tom is the best rock vocalist I've ever seen. Like Coldplay, unfortunately I never went to concerts or was a very involved fan most of the years I was into them, but I listened to them so much, and like Coldplay, they helped me through more than I can say. i was lucky to finally go see them in 2010 and again in 2012, when I actually started going to concerts. By that time I'd gotten obsessed with some other bands and I put my earlier favorites on the back burner. I was going to see Keane a couple times in 2013 and for a variety of reasons ended up not going. I regret that forever because it would have been my last chance. It absolutely crushed me when they broke up; I just didn't see it coming, and I didn't realize how much I depended on them until they were gone. It was kind of a wake-up call to me not to neglect the things that have been with me a long time in favor of new obsessions. But, I'm forever thankful and glad for all the music they left behind. Strangeland was a brilliant album and kind of reassuring at a time Coldplay had changed so much, and I was worried about Keane too after their Night Train EP which was a little iffy. I was glad Keane came back with some that was more "me" and right at the perfect time (Keane had great timing with album releases and my big life events). But yeah, if you like earlier Coldplay (or any of their more melancholy, angsty stuff), and you haven't heard Keane, do it. My other favorite songs are Strangeland, Love Is The End, Perfect Symmetry, Nothing In My Way, Everybody's Changing, Try Again and Bedshaped. Plus about 50 other songs haha.
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    Very interesting time to decide to join the forums having about to end the AHFOD era. Not that i'm complaining, could always use more users. FYI, LP2 is my fav as well. Welcome, see ya around
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    I discovered Keane around a year after Coldplay when they released the Everybody's Changing music video. I felt a very strong connection with their music and fell in love with them instantly. I wouldn't call them the "2nd best band in the world" but they're one of my top absolute favorites. I rate their output and musicianship much much higher than Coldplay and their songs are just a lot more emotionally charged. It's one of my biggest regrets that I never experienced them live and I feel very sad at how Tom's whole situation ruined everything. I do hope they get together for one last try, but I doubt it will happen soon. All their songs had a huge impact on me but "Bedshaped" and "Atlantic" are my favorites. I generally like the darker ones a lot more. If people haven't checked out Keane's music in its entirety I definitely recommend it.
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    Anyone finished Season 2? Iโ€™m on 7 and canโ€™t wait to watch the rest tomorrow. No spoilers pls. Just curious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They're taking their time with this track, probably reworking the whole song (lyrics, instruments) but who knows :confused:
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    This is pretty much sums up my feelings too. I think this is the thing that keeps me around but also makes it tough for me to accept how much they've changed. I really have on some level but there's always this longing for anything pre-2011 to the point it haunts me a little. It didn't bother me quite so much a few years ago because fortunately when MX came out it was right around when I'd gotten into Muse and Frank Turner and a couple others bands, so it just felt like I'd sort of moved on and it was OK. Those newer obsessions have sort of faded now, though, even though I really enjoy a lot of music ... and more and more I realize nothing has or will ever carried me more than Coldplay's first decade of music. It just sticks, it's always there when other things fade. The only other band I'd put up there is Keane, and well, they broke up. Once Keane broke up I couldn't help but think how godawful it will be when Coldplay does, because I go back even farther with them than Keane. So I've more and more crawled back to Coldplay. I never want to be that person that hangs out in a fandom way after they're "over" the band and goes to 10 shows on a tour only to bitch about them. I never want to be bitter about things that bring others joy or act like the world revolves around me. I went to several shows because I enjoyed them; I knew what I was going to get going in and loved it for what it was. Even the songs I don't care for, it gives me some happiness seeing how happy those things are making others (including the band), and gives me some perspective. But I'd be lying if I said I don't agonize over how much I wish I could go back and go when they were more "mine". I'm not mad at the band but mad at myself, because I really blew that. What the hell was I doing in my 20s? Well, crying and listening to Coldplay alone, and pursuing an ultimately failed career. But I wish I occasionally took a break from that to go to those shows. or maybe tried posting on the forum then, making friends. It always crossed my mind to go to a concert but was too big a hurdle to achieve and the thing that never occurred to me is that one day Coldplay wouldn't be the same Coldplay ... it was just like, whatever, I can see a show when my life is a in a better place 10 years from now. Looking back that seems stupid because I now know bands change ... they all do, at least a little. I just didn't imagine then they'd ever make something that wasn't like it was written for me; I didn't appreciate how rare that was. I'm really glad I managed to go to one in 2008, and don't get me wrong, I'm really thankful for the ones I've gone to this tour. It's not lost on me how spoiled I am and how many people would kill to be in my shoes. It's just weird, I've got this awful fixation on the past and how much I miss it, and all the things I used to lean on that are going away, and I think since Coldplay's music was such a constant and they're still here, I really obsess over what I wish I could still get out of them. It's not just the songs that are gone from the set, but the tone, the aesthetic, the focus on more difficult emotion rather than dancing and lights and bright colors. Much as I love the energy, it is obvious it physically compromises Chris vocally and restricts the setlist and that's started to bother me a little. There's so little room for the melancholy and catharsis that really move me. But anyway, to circle this ramblefest back to your point, the thing I've come to realize is no matter how many bands I love, no one is going to duplicate the perfect click between me and Coldplay's first four albums. Not even Coldplay. That's the hard thing to accept, even though I can still really enjoy them and that's something. And as you mentioned they do throw us old-schoolers a bone now and then. Music is a huge part of one's identity and especially so when it's particularly sentimental music like Coldplay's was. It's hard to let go of that and let it be part of someone's else's. They don't make music for me anymore, they make it for someone else. I don't think those people are any less worthy of that than I was (and in some cases more worthy ... I mean I stole Parachutes off the student-share server and never went to their concerts or bought a shirt), but it doesn't make it easier. Maybe Oldplayers come off as angry or overly critical but I think a lot of us just feel left behind by something that used to always be there for us. Personally I'm pretty impressed by how un-nasty people are, both old and new, despite some clear divides over the band's catalog. I also think it's fine for people who want to throw constant heaps of praise on everything they do now to go for it ... shit, enjoy that while you can ... how exciting when you feel that way about a band. Sometimes I feel like a jackass for joining the forum seven years removed from when I was really obsessed with the band, instead of when I should have ... I sort of don't fit with either old fans or new, because I wasn't "in the fandom" or did anything else relevant back then, and now I'm sort of out of touch with the music and just everything generally. But, people are pretty nice and it makes it a pleasant place to share enthusiasm about the things I'm still super hyped about, or discuss old favorites or nostalgia or vent a little about frustrations. So I hope the venting isn't a huge downer for people on here who are thrilled with the new stuff. Sorry, that was long and not particularly useful, I just felt like spewing some thoughts and I really related to some recent posts in this thread.
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    I am completely unashamed to admit that Chris from the ARoBttH thru Viva eras was one of the most attractive men I'd ever seen :D Those curls . . . I don't dig his post-MX look as much. The curls are gone! And I dig the lithe look more than the huge biceps. Not that my opinion matters one bit :p As far as music goes, I've never had a band even get close to mesmerizing me as much as first-four-albums Coldplay did, so I'll continue to give them chances until they eventually disband. Sure, I'd love to have full albums speak to me as much as the first four did, but I'm happy to settle with the occasional flash of brilliance such as A L I E N S, Moving to Mars, Ghost Story, All Your Friends, Midnight, Hypnotised, etc. etc. Even as they are now, there isn't any other band which can quite nail that sound that's just perfect for me.
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    One of the greatest things that Netflix have ever done, period (tied with 13RW)
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    Yeah I'm thinking it'll be on the live album. I'm not so sure about a studio release. Which is weird because they clearly have the backing tracks. Sent from my SM-G955U using Coldplaying mobile app
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    Always loved the speed of sound music video as well. Giving me nostalgic feels watching this now
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    Tell me you love me If you don't then lie Oh lie to me. Too much pain on this one. When I heard this for the first time I want to rush to Chris and give him a hug and cry with him. :-( sent from Harveytown
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    All I know is that I love you so, so much that it hurts... Ink apparently has simple lyrics, but in my opinion it's very emotional and sad. When love hurts nothing makes sense... you know you should let someone go but at the same time you can't help loving this person... that's really hard. This song express that desperate feeling very well.
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    exactly! it's a moment where you just shrug your shoulders and breath out..
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    I actually feel the same way about Moving To Mars. There was just always something about those lyrics for me but I could never quiet get to what it is that makes it extra sad. But now that you say it - it really does sound like its about more then just a breakup or something.
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    I didn't think of this until now... what if that's one reason why they never played Ghost Story live? Obviously it's a bonus track so it's not well-known, but it might also be incredibly hard for Chris to bring himself to sing lyrics like that. They carry so much emotional weight and if I were him, I wouldn't even want to remind myself of what it felt like when they were written.
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    When you're too in love to let it go... Perfect description of a broken heart. When love is over but you can't get over it... this song express that feeling very well.

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