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    My dream would be more psychadelic Pink Floyd-ish stuff. Ie lots of songs like Moving to Mars, AICTAIY, Hypnotised. I wouldn't mind more songs like Up&Up. Even songs like Magic I quite like, just because it so heavily features another member of the band like Guy. I'm keeping an open mind certainly. :) I think the band makes the music they want to make because they want, regardless of record deals or anything else at this point. I think Stargate wasn't the best decision, but I can see why they did it.
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    Hello all! I've been listening to Coldplay since I was in college and my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to their first single Yellow. This was the same time the band members themselves were either in college or barely out themselves so it's been a while. At various times in my life their songs have been almost like a soundtrack for my life. Dealing with a family member's sudden sickness and death, Warning Sign; getting married, A Message; rocking and singing to a colicky baby to soothe her, Green Eyes; dealing with professional challenges at work, Paradise; feeling my lowest, Amsterdam; feeling in awe of the universe, Atlas; feeling grateful, A Head Full of Dreams. It wasn't until I went to my first concert this August, though, that I realized just how much of an impact this band, their music, their message has had on my life. Part of it is due to all the negativity hitting us left and right in the US especially...to focus on something positive, full of love and light, and life affirming has changed my life this year. I started changing my outlook, exercising (while listening to Coldplay playlist of course lol) and eating right, dropped over 20 pounds, stopped drinking as much, and just overall don't feel as lost as I have for most of my life. I am on a journey towards peace. I've always struggled on the edge of anxiety and depression...and now I am dealing. I am truly dealing. I still have ups and downs...but the ups are higher and the downs are less frequent. Coldplay did that for me...everything just switched in my mind after I experienced the most amazing night of my life at their concert. So, I've been soaking up all I can in songs I didn't discover before, b-sides, videos, interviews, news, forums...I've been lurking for a while and am glad I found this group! I'm neither Old or NewPlay...I'm AllPlay. :) Thank you and I do believe in love.
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    I can deal with the wait. This whole tour and the hype was already big enough that I can almost feel the band slumping over in exhaustion. And the more time they have the more they can polish their work and not have under or overproduced songs. I listened to one radio interview from Guy (posted on another thread) and found it interesting how they ended up having to "rewrite" a large chunk of AROBTTH after listening to it after weeks. It must have been frustrating but very satisfying in the end. I wonder how critical they were on themselves on AHFOD and how long it truly took them to write it. If they didn't do it as much on LP7, I hope they can really dig into refining the quality, even going through a rewriting process (without tearing themselves apart completely) and getting a new set of ears and standards to make something different this time around. I wish they would record an entire jam session or something or have a good video log for us to get a better scoop of what their process is. A good magician is one that actually tells us how he does his tricks.
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    Always waiting and hoping for the artistical rebirth of this band. Since 2011
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    Unfortunately people will always find something to hate on...
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    I want this album to be so good (which they allready are) that its gonna shut up the haters Sent from my ALE-L21 using Coldplaying mobile app
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    Thanks you guys! Love the pics! I will have to load up some of mine when I get back to my laptop. I wasn't anywhere near as close! Lucky!
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    From what I've seen from Tom's replies on twitter is that they never really broke up. They're just taking a break while he does some solo work that he thinks will help during his recovery process. As far as my favorites.. On a Day Like Today.. that song is just structured so right. It builds and builds.. beautiful. And there's many more ..Bedshaped is up there. They've made some great albums. Strangeland, I love that whole album.
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    I don't have much to base this on, but I'm going with a prediction that they will introduce a couple or more songs with alternate members taking lead vocals. With Will and Jonny doing lead vocals on select live songs this past tour (and yes I know it's happened before), I think the proof will be in whether they include one of those on the Live 2017 album/DVD. If so then that may be the next phase and surprises that may be in store. I reserve the right to be completely wrong.
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    I always get the chills when listening to U2's song Iris (Hold Me Close) and hearing Chris's ambient noises intro and all over the refrain. There's something very distinct in Chris's voice, I guess that's one of the reasons I fell in love with Coldplay in the first place:)
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    Cool! I write YA coming of age stories and fantasy. I also am working out an idea inspired by the band, too. Always wanted to complete NaNiWriMo but Nov is always an awful month for me to take it on. Inspiring though!
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    I think Chris was also trying to mentally block out that album from his mind. I know he isn't proud of X and Y lol.
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    It does seem like a long time, but it will be here before you know it. It still feels like yesterday when we were waiting for the Global Citizen Festival to hear the new song (Amazing Day) and now here we are 2 years later with the Era pretty much over. One thing for sure is that time will always go on. So no matter the wait, it will come. Also, there will come a day where the band will stop, so the longer that takes, the better. I just want to enjoy the ride, and the hype and build up to a new era is always my favorite part. The guessing, the speculation, the rumors, I love it all! And I wonder if what Chris means by no conventional Coldplay albums, will also relate to eras/touring. I love the fact that every era has a distinct look and feel to it. Most fans can look at a picture of the band and know exactly what era its from. So maybe they will stop doing the "themes"? I can't picture them not doing it, but honesty who knows? That's the fun part in waiting for the next era. Also it's great to speculate with you all. I can't wait til we see our first photo/hear our first rumor. That's when the fun begins. Bring it on!
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    "Stripped" album doesn't necessarily mean quieter to me, but rather less produced and more raw. I really don't consider GS to be a stripped album because it feels like a modern pop album with a lot of bells and whistles. I consider both Parachtues and AROBTTH to be stripped records, as well as much of Viva La Vida, because they focus heavily on live instrumentation. I would absolutely lose my mind with happiness if LP8 is a folksy album, with only acoustic instruments, violins, and accordians, but I agree with most of you that it's unlikely. I could see, however, an album featuring LiB that also has a lot of tracks with those acoustic sounds, but also songs that could potentially delve into atmospheric shoegaze, indie, straight rock, and sure, maybe a few pop singles. I think this should be considered a serious possibility though, and what JC90 says is absolutely true: Another dance, R&B, pop produced album is not going to be a surprise. An album that completely reinvents or harkens back to an acoustic sound would be. And it would make sense at this point in their careers. When you're a band that's done everything you need to prove to the world you can step it back and make raw, emotional, beautiful music again. That arc towards trendy music since 2011 HAS to end at some point. In other words. Let's just keep it on the C-Stage for this next one.
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    Well duh, the media would say that. Not to get all 'tin-foil-hat' on you, but the media's job is to sell, not to inform. A headline of "Coldplay's Last Album" is going to catch your attention more than anything. Chris also said numerous times he likes other types of music as well, but no one pays attention to that because they only focus/hear about the EDM stuff, 'cause they dislike it the most. Yeah, he likes EDM, but did he suddenly dislike U2, Johnny Cash, Sigur Ros, Jay-Z, Pavarotti, Rihanna?
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    I recently became a fan of Oasis after I saw Liam and Coldplay performing at the Manchester concert. I just didn't appreciate the band while they were still together. You take things for granted until they disappear forever.

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