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    Here's a random coldplay thought... I made a video of a hike I did in TN this year and used High Speed & for the background music. I thought the music was fitting and that you might enjoy! ^.^ (plz don't confuse this with shameless self promotion, I don't expect the video to get a lot of views haha) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlb9MHvT1os Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/Zlb9MHvT1os
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    Every Teardrop is a Waterfall was playing in the background of a work event today. I thought, who is this playlist genius?
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    That's not good. I'd say Jonny's hands are on the top 10 things necessary to make a Coldplay album.
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    Later this year a film will be released called " Wings For Coldplay". It follows Chris, through his childhood, alongside Mila Furstova, the artist who designed all the Ghost Stories art work. Details pop up here every now and then : https://twitter.com/hashtag/wingsforcoldplay?src=hash Also, a recent visitor to 'The Bakery' (London) spoke to one of the roadies who told her that Jonny had hurt his hand ! Poor Jonny !
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    Yes! This is the info I was looking for . Thanks[emoji847] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello everyone! My first post after another long hiatus. Yes. This promo is legit. [emoji4] The other neat thing about it is that it is also featured in the Record Collector’s magazine where Coldplay was featured. That mag has an extensive list of Coldplay releases up to that specific era when the mag was released anyway. They also included/featured few cds that may as well be bootleg - being that they were released from the common countries that we all know are notorious for making greatest hits and compilation albums. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I stepped into a small park in London yesterday and saw a Dandelion Clock and suddenly realised why this is on the cover of Yellow. I guess because Dandelions are yellow until they become Dandelion Clocks and get blown away by the wind or someone or something like that... It didn't click until I saw it in real life in the park. love Freya
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    Fix You spoke to me very much today...
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    I've been away too long from the forums honestly and many things happened. Life isn't always as easy as it seems. I'm having a tough time. Sometimes it's really, really tough, I can better say that I'm going through a (kind of) depression, which doesn't always make it easy to be a happy person. It sounds really weird but sometimes I just feel as if the world has stopped for me and that there's nothing left that can ever make me happy. Fortunately contact with some of my (kind of) friends/classmates cheers me up a bit and I have my relatives that are always supporting me at all time. And honestly, I have no idea which person I would have been without music: AKA... Coldplay :innocent: I am getting help so please don't worry too much about me. I just wanted to share in what state I am in. And of course I hope that everyone here on the forums is fine !
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    :joy: :sob: I love you! Freya
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    I use Audacity for this stuff. I also use Resedue or Noise Reduction for stuff. Also reverb.
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    Chris bought some olive oil at the grocery store with Dakota Johnson on Sunday while Guy was driving around vintage cars in Italy.
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    Of course! It's a gem! Sad, yet unbelievably beautiful!
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    Intriguing news... I wonder what he means by 96 mixes? LIke does that mean there are 7 live versions of AHFOD that he's trying to combine? Or is he literally referring to creating 96 mixes tnat they'll widdle down to 15? I really hope we're in a for a huge surprise on this one. Does anyone think we'll get updated "Remixes" of certain tracks? I mean, Coldplay has never really done this, but how cool would it be if we got demos/remixes of album tracks? LIke imagine the alternative, more rocky version of AHFOD, or a way more weird synthy version of Army of One? It'd be bad timing now with the death of Avicii, but I still really want to hear the non-avicii version of ASFOS! Feasibly they could use this live album as a celebration of their career and release a bunch old demos from other eras too!
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    I also recently saw a man with an AHFOD T-shirt in town...just as I was listening to the song A Head Full Of Dreams and picturing how Chris jumps during the concert, no less ! It completely startled me :D
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    In the span of 2 weeks at my university, I spotted -A girl with a Love button on her backpack -A guy with a AHFOD shirt I didn't get the chance to say anything to either of them. The girl with the Love button could've been my soul mate. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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