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    That comes from The Singles Boxset released in 2007 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It would be very surprising. Coldplay are under contract with Parlophone for another couple albums. The management have stated they are taking a break and plan to come back with something really special, and would tour in 2021 at the earliest. I'd bet my life savings that Chris doesn't come out with a solo album between now and the next Coldplay project.
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    This is almost impossible. He stated it a lot of times that he wouldn't make a solo album. The only possible thing is that he meanwhile he will feature in someone else's track.
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    I never mentioned that I have it, infact I am not even sure it exists. But the slightly different than the final version of ASFOS is somewhere out there but it's nothing impressive.
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    From what information I could gather was that the actual original demo was done with Simon Alfred on the vocals prior to Chris collaborating with Avicii. Then they started working on it and evolving it when it came to a point they ran out of ideas. Then Avicii sent a set of 12 demos to Nicky Romero in hopes he had any ideas he could step in and help as a co-producer. They were planning on releasing the track on Avicii's new Album but his death brought an end to the track's evolution. BTW one of the demo tracks was ASFOS which is really close to the final. I heard that the original demo given to Coldplay had Aloe Blacc in the vocals but I don't know about that. Could a kind soul make a zip with all of the leaks that have happened through the years relating to this song and DM them to me?
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    Just found this on Pinterest ... happy sunday everyone :sun::)
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    Do meetups ever happen from this forum?

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