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    I am with @iamsue on this 100%! I am an Oldplayer, have been with them since Parachutes came out when I was 17. At 36 years old I am not necessarily young but hardly "too old" to go to their concerts. Because of several life circumstances I was only able to see them in person for the first time during the AHFOD tour (went to two shows). At this point in my life it's a lot easier to fork over $$$ for concerts than when I was younger and consistently short on cash for anything frivolous like concerts (like anyone in their 20s, coming out of college with debt and having just started my career). If anything, from a business-side of things, us Oldplayers are the ones more likely to have the cash to throw at all things Coldplay. Money aside, I believe that no one is too old to go have the time of their life at a Coldplay concert. Sure, they have the challenge of reaching out to the new/young audience, but I do believe that they know that there are people like myself who have loved them through their entire career and yearn for them to stay true to their roots at least to a degree.
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    That is awesome that the first time you saw them was after having won tickets! A that's very cool that you've built up your collection of memorabilia. Same here--and lately I have been on a kick of buying necklaces with Coldplay song lyrics (also got a few for Christmas). Yesterday I ordered one that says "If you never try, you'll never know" which is one of my most favorite lyrics ever. Anyhow, back to the point of the thread--I love that @Shoeboxlady has a goal of traveling abroad to see them. My husband and I will hopefully see many shows during their next tour. He (my husband) bought me tickets for our AHFOD concert in Minneapolis, for my birthday. He had no plans of buying tickets for any other shows. This was simply a birthday gift for me, and he was happy to take me. But after going to the Minneapolis show, he was the one who brought up the fact that they would be in Omaha only 2 days later. This, coming from a guy who doesn't really care too much for music in general. He likes music but it has never been a central part of his life like myself. He happily bought us tickets for the Omaha show and we had, yet again, the time of our lives. This was totally not an ordinary thing for him to do--and it just shows how powerful Coldplay is. They can even mesmerize a person who has never been one to care much about music, so much that now he periodically asks me for Coldplay updates, is looking forward to LP8, and keeps making comments that he "has big plans for us" for the LP8 tour. Yet again, testament to how amazing the guys are, no matter the age, musical taste, etc. Whatever they come up with for LP8 will blow us all away, I'm sure of it. :blush:
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    Agree... Years ago, we kinda had the chance to guess what was comming from the guys, I mean, from Parachutes to AROBTTH to X&Y, we kinda could expect guitars and piano all over the place. Now we dont know if LP8 will have rap artists featuring, EDM, trap sounds, latin artists... it kinda scares me and excites me at the same time, since I know the band will do their best to make a great album anyway.
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    Whilst I have not been a 'true' fan from the very beginning, I have to agree with COLDPLAYINGMAMA that no one is too old to go to a concert. My first concert happened purely by chance when I won tickets to see them after the Brits at their Warchild concert and to say that I was blown away is a very big understatement. As a 'mature' Coldplayer I am fortunate enough to have a disposable income to go to concerts and subsequently went to see them at Wembley, the Sentabale concert and Cardiff. And when they do tour again it is my dream to be able to travel abroad to see them. I have also built up a collection of CD's and memorabilia of which I am very proud. My age? Well lets just say I am nearer pension age than I would like to be, but then a 'lady' never reveals her age does she?! ;)
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    Be patient with @ I Ran Away. She’s been under the weather. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think that now because they have such a large demographic in terms of ages, in my opinion, the best thing to do next would be to expand upon the Kaleidoscope EP and try to make something more concise out of it. The EP shows that they can still make something in vien of their old (AICTAIY), their alternative (Aliens) and their pop (Miracles) sounds. And better yet, they can also bring new sounds to the mix that can't be categorised from their catalogue, in the case of Hypnotised. As a 18 year old who got to them during the AHFOD era, but would love to have another album like X&Y, I don't think it's feasible nor reasonble to think that will ever go back to being 100% alternative rock since not only they have changed since, but also the music industry as a whole.
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    Here's another one with same energy :joy: [MEDIA=twitter]1086322702569431040[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/luminous_wired/status/1086322702569431040?s=19
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    True except it's strange because in this one interview with Jonny he literally does all the talkinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=2fpTvuqHf00;t=76
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    Charlie Brown vs Lovers In Japan
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    Princess Of China vs Hymn For The Weekend
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    Jonny: You brought me to an interview to hear you talking about Love and Togetherness, again? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Lizzo – ‘Juice’ The 1975 – ‘Love It If We Made It’ Rosalía – ‘Malamente’ Stormzy – ‘Blinded By Your Grace pt 1’ AC/DC – ‘Thunderstruck’ Daniel Caesar – ‘We Find Love’ Wizkid, Spellz, and Tiwa Savage – ‘Ma Lo’ This is the music Chris thinks is great and to which he listens at the moment. Could that be any hint as to the new music Coldplay is going to produce??? Probably not.
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    ^Agree with everyone above. I'd be shocked if they went full on alternative rock or experimental, but I'll be crossing my fingers. Like everyone's been saying, though, the ability to release EP's provides songs that Oldplayers and Newplayers can enjoy, but also the ability for them to take risks. Kaleidoscope, like Magic_2000 says so perfectly, had wide appeal and I think that's why we all generally agree that it's great. But Global Citizen EP feels like the biggest leap forward in a new sound we've ever got. It feels risky. Obviously it alienated some fans, but at least it was something refreshing, albeit imperfect. I'm just thankful to have A Rush Of Blood to the Head and E-Lo on the same playlist and say it was the same guys writing the music! How bizarre and unique is that? I for one will keep dreaming of a super alternative LP8, but I'll certainly expect a Global Citizen EP Vol. 2 that builds on those risks and explores new genres. And who knows, maybe they'll release some other random EP's or singles before this year is out! It feels like now more than ever is really hard to predict and have expectations.
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    You sir, get a standing ovation from me - well said!
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    I'd love this too. It was really interesting. I've even messaged the rythm studio on facebook asking if it can be put back up but had no reply,
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    Sorry, but as an “old” old player, I take issue with the last sentence. I first started following them in 2005 with X & Y, and have now seen them 3X, once during MX and twice during AHFOD. Their ticket prices for stadiums are also of a price point that is many with established careers (albeit at any age) can handle at the highest levels. I have been pleasantly surprised to find very large portions of the audience in my city to be in the 40+ age group. I know there are other Coldplayers around my age and some of us have mentioned discovering Coldplay more recently. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    That's also true, but Guy still takes the crown for speaking the least out of them, like have you seen the press conference they did for the superbowl? I think he said like 4 words max.:laughing:
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    Actually, Guy should have said to Jonny "And neither will you, Jonny!" To finish it, LOL
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    I've seen it a couple times. It's funny, right? :laughing::laughing:
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    This one is probably old news at this point but I still find this so hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=2-YXTgyHXck;t=160 **At the Q Awards** Intreviewer: Are you going to be crying if you don't win? Guy: No no no, I don't think so. If we don't win it means we don't have to get up and say anything and feel stupid- Jonny: "You won't say anything anyway!" Like damn Jonny where did that came from? :joy:
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    Maybe in 2019 some news about the new album. In 2020 some official announcement. In October of 2020 maybe a single and in 2021 the release of the album.
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    Well it appears Chris is back in London after opening his stocking from Goopy in the Maldives. It is now 2019 with the holiday season over, and the band have been seen together recently before Christmas. And Guy said they were to get back to work this year. Whitecross said they are hatching something. And they typically start writing and recording an album around the end/beginning of a calendar year. I believe the kickoff of LP8 is officially upon us! I would bet we see more of the band around The Bakery and whatnot very shortly.
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    I like whatever they do. Honestly, I prefer their real alternative songs. It's okay for them to have some pop tunes/hits but I'd also love to see more alternative stuff on the albums, these days.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcj9LnlnguA Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcj9LnlnguA

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