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    Well to be fair Death Will Never Conquer was kinda country-ish. And it would be kind of hilarious seeing Coldplay of all people doing a death metal band. But yeah, agreed. Though I do think that in their Rush of Blood to the Head days they could have easily gone down a more alt metal path afterwards. Like Deftones with accents.
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    Thanks. It seems as if Jonny, Will and Phil are up to something. Phil has sold his house in Malibu and has returned to London. Probably Guy will join them. Today is the last day of Synchro Sunday, so after that he has more time to join them in the Bakery. And Chris? It seems he is going on with his gap year or years. It was him who said during the AHFOD tour that it was the end of a circle and a finale. The other three never said that. So they are now eager to go on. Let's hope the conscious pilot will steer their plane to new horizons with new music.
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