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    Nothing too important but may be worth mentioning. You may have noticed on Instagram that Davide Rossi was in a studio in Paris two days ago. http://www.lessentiel.lu/fr/luxembourg/story/chris-martin-etait-aussi-present-pour-rammstein-10217907 According to this article it is very likely to be Coldplay related, as Chris was also in Paris for "recording sessions" before attending the Rammstein gig.
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    Guy is in Paris now ... (via IG stories)
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    (almost) correct! These are the official lyrics from Coldplay's website: ''This time I know no song Can stop its lonely burn Can stop it slowly going'' By the way, enjoy your holidays everyone (if you have any). I'm leaving tomorrow! :sun:
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    This time I know no song Can stop its lonely burn Can stop it slowly gone
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    Yeah they have done it in more than one ocassion. On top of my head is Chris revealing the "Viva La Vida" album title in a cryptic studio update video in december of 2007. So if they haven't already, they probably will at some point I think.
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    I would also wish him to have other influences. Yesterday he went to a concert of Rammstein in Luxemburg. That's a hard rock industrial metal band. Till Lindemann, the lead vocalist, is a friend of Chris's. They do fantastic shows but their music is really not my cup of tea. If Coldplay ever creates new music going in the direction of African punk or industrial metal they are no longer 'Coldplay'. But all this is probably only Chris's taste. The music Guy proposed on Synchro Sunday was quite different. And I would love to hear 'Conscious Pilot' to see which direction Jonny and Will are taking musically.
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    I don't think Chris was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. Guy often goes to Holland with Keshia. So his visits there probably have nothing to do with Coldplay.
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    As far as I remember, they are ok because they are private and a Coldplaying account is needed to see them. I could be wrong
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