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    I don't know what the time is
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    I really love this song at the moment: The rare thing about this collaboration from 2003 is that not only Chris but also Jonny features, on lead guitar ! The times when Chris still added his lovely voice to quality songs and not every random pop or rap piece. Sigh.
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    Philly Phil's birthday today!!!
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    [uSER=100956]@Stephen[/uSER] haha, semi hoping that means they'll make some more music closer to the style of AROBTTH too! as unlikely as that is..... @I ran away, well world music would at least signify that they're branching out into more diverse genres of music and incorporating another mix into their ever evolving musical style. it'll most certainly be mixed with pop but if it steps outside their comfort zone enough (or, more than what Los Unidades delivered us) I'd be really happy with it. I wouldn't doubt it either, seeing as they're increasingly getting more involved in more worldwide activities than ever before, and their music has shown reflections of that as far back as AHFOD VLVODAAHF(oh lawd, as far back as AHFOD? is the album already almost four years old? oh geez that means I've been a CP fan for four years! I actually just realized that! Got into them in 2015. geez the time flies don't it........ I know that's nothing to most of you but it's a lot to me that it's already been four :O) but yeah, and the influences are only getting more apparent so I wouldn't be surprised if you were right about that, as there's already enough evidence for it anyway.

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