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    Yeah, same. I read an article that this was supposed to be a climate change-themed event but many of the attendees and guests flew in with their private jets (an estimated 114 landings) ! I dislike such events. And to be honest I'm generally not fond of Chris letting himself be booked by the super-super-rich to play for their amusement, to play on their weddings etc. That wedding of the Zara heiress for example...that money is based on the exploitation of poor workers in countries like India or Bangladesh :( I'm really glad the band as a whole doesn't participate in such things.
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    Maybe they did and the others did not wish to attend. I must admit I find these events rather distasteful as the attendees do not practice what they preach and I wish that Chris had not participated.
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    [parsehtml] [/parsehtml] Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now in 2001 :laughing::laughing:

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