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    I find these times very strange, you know something's coming but have absolutely no idea how it will sound and look (as in album art). And with just the click of a button by someone (or even a computer) somewhere in the world, all that wondering is shattered by the release of a teaser or a single. And if it's eventually there, you can't really remember how hard you were wondering/thinking/dreaming about this. It's just there now. I hope I'm not the only one with this feeling.
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    I haven't been on here in a LONG time. But I have seen the rumors of LP8 spreading on Twitter and reddit so I decided to come back and join the discussion. Theres some discord screenshots being spread around with a track listing...I want to believe, but it could easily be a troll. That being said, when there's smoke theres (usually) fire. Hopefully its all real, I can't wait for LP8!
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    I remember going for a walk and running home to check out the teaser! I have never been so excited in my whole life
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    Same here. Like I know most likely nothing's going to happen... but I'm still dying to find out lol.
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    Countdown to POTENTIAL/RUMOURED beginning of LP8 teasers: CLICK HERE (14/10/19 @ 4:30PM BST)
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    Even this wait till Monday might kill me :p
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    So if what Kirboh is saying is true and teasing starts on Monday, it fits with how AHFOD was advertised: Week of Nov 2nd 2015: Monday 4:00PM BST - AHFOD Teaser #1 Tuesday 4:30PM BST - AHFOD Teaser #2 Wednesday 4:30PM BST - AOAL Teaser #1 Friday Morning - AOAL Single Release & Tracklist Details Revealed So if Kirboh is saying teasing starts Monday (Colombus Day)...it's not totally unbelievable. But then somebody also said a new Adele single comes out Friday 18th. That would be tough for Coldplay. But...Parlophone was surely aware Adele was releasing her Album '25' and it would compete against AHFOD. If they were really concerned about competing against her, they would have released AHFOD later. So I don't think it'll matter too much if Adele releases a single the same day.
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    Clips of Chris performing for that event was...not good....I guess its tough being just him without the rest of the band. Well then pick better songs that fit, you have such a big catalog of songs to choose from, Solo, acoustic Viva la Vida and A Sky Full of Stars isn't it, chief
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    there will be an announcement next week because it is the 42nd week of 2019:cool:
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    hahah. Thats a very woke way to think about this stuff. But I agree with you completely -- it really is beautiful. Today, the album can be pop, rock, alternative, progressive, acoustic, electronic, oldplay, newplay or whatever you want it to be; but when the first stuff drops, its all decided -- that is it. That's why I guess, frustrating as they are, I like these pre-release times a lot! :D
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    Haha we literally typed the same thing at the same moment :joy:
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    You know, I've never verbalized this before but I know exactly how you feel. We're all in the dark right now but at some point someone is going to hit send, and the entire fanbase will know what's going on.
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    Maybe some of these track titles are legit and some aren't?
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    Yeah. You are right... :( I had the exact same feeling this morning -- looked over the tracklist again and was like -- man this is cool! But then the immediate thought was that some stuff is just a little too convenient: dunno how to explain it, but Metamorphosis specially seems like the kind of name everyone will immediately put down on their dream album. :/ hope i'm wrong.
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    Welcome back! we're hoping for some sort of teaser tomorrow but don't hold your breath. Could also come anytime this week so who knows...
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    A great video I discovered today that analysizes the vocals in Fix You:
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    Adele fans are in the same spiral as we are... Just hoping to get some teasers next week... We also spoke in the Discord about possible teasing times monday... All AHFOD teasers came out between 4pm and 4:30pm London time. So if we don't have anything around that time, we might want to put our faith in the next week or some other day... (And in a different discord "leaker") :confused:
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    I remember it as if it were yesterday. When the teaser came out, I immediately thought we were getting some heavier Coldplay stuff. The guitar part reminded me of Guns 'n Roses' Sweet Child of Mine and I fully expected a Coldplay take on that. Then the full song came and Jonny was playing this funky Get Lucky/Nile Rodgers-esque riff during the verses and I was amazed how wrong I was. Fun fact: I had a buddy of mine rip the audio from that teaser so I could use it as my ringtone, and it still is my ringtone today. Wait, that's not confirmed yet, is it? As far as I know there are only rumors (quite similar to Coldplay's) about Adele releasing a new album in November and that the first single could come as early as next Friday.
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    Good luck ! Unfortunately I'm broke as hell at the moment, but I hope you make it ! :heart:
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    I keep listening to Moving to Mars, Prospekt's March, and All I Can Think About is You over and over. I think that's what sort of LP8 I want. :grinning:
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    So, some guy on Discord says: 1. New album called "Fool's Gold" will be released by the end of the year. 2. Named after that line from Birds. 3. New single will be out either tomorrow, or next Friday or the one after that (haha) 4. LP8 is 99.9% done and is 'experimental', or at the very least, some songs are not radio friendly. 5. The boys are working on LP9 at the moment, due end of 2020 6. LP9 is more upbeat, pop, sort of like AHFOD 7. The two song titles 'revealed' are Metamorphosis, which is supposedly amazing, weird and is sort of like Midnight and One Way Train 8. He goes back and forth on "Conscious Pilot" or at least I didn't get what he meant. First he says it's on the album but called differently, then he says he doesn't know. This is the part that did not sound very believable to me. 9. There is a collab with DAFT PUNK and Foster the People.
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    I will just expect a Chris performance (or nothing at all), but I can't ignore the fact that this could be Coldplay!!!
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    I find it strange that a lot of people are saying the stuff Kirboh is saying is "too specific to be fake". I could make up my own tracklist with timings, album name, release strategy, etc.... with no evidence or basis in fact at all! I'd love to be wrong but I fear a lot of people are setting themselves up for disappointment.
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    Yeah, was going to say this. Good point. I would say likely no Chris/Coldplay appearance.

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