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    [MEDIA=twitter]1197171992518184968[/MEDIA] View: https://mobile.twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1197171992518184968?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet
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    This video, the melody and Chris's soothing voice are so beautiful and so very sad! He sings 'It's ok, it's ok, it's ok' and you feel he has to repeat the words to convince himself that everything is ok. But of course nothing is ok when a child longs for his/her father who is not there. I feel so sad for Chris here who seems to try and come to terms with the fact that he doesn't live together with his kids.
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    Seems the guys will be doing a live session for Jo Whiley next Thursday. She played Daddy and mentioned it after the song!
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    Yes, she's Sweet Marianne :blush:
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    That would be so awesome ! Btw I don't think Coldplay rigged the poll. Why would they do that ? Viva is a very popular (and great) song, it's perfectly understandable that it won.
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    We don't know what LP10 will be like, but very sure LP11 will be X&Y 2.0.
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    Yeah Chris' voice is incredible on this song. Damn man, I get why they're not touring, but I want to cry live along this song...
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    That was not easy to watch ... Beautiful, really beautiful.
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    Everyday life was the first LP that got me excited about the band in a very long time but this news coming from record execs hinting that LP9 is more poppy and mainstream is disappointing to say the least. I had this uneasy feeling before AHFOD was released that turned out being correct, and I have it again now. I really do hope I’m wrong. To clarify, I have no real objection to the band doing something that’s more uplifting and happy than EL, but if it’s going to be pop I’d want to see it being more like MX than AHFOD. The live version of some MX songs seen before the album was released showed that the band can do that style with grace and decorum, but Coldplay’s album versions of poppy songs are horrible, bubblegum, saccharine sounding messes that are just down to awful production. So if it is indeed true that EL is not a new direction for the band, I do hope “poppy” translates to a better produced MX with plenty of guitar, bass and a few acoustic gems thrown in, less collaborations and more of the band.
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    Returning to this acoustic rendition of SJLT - as I'm relistening and re-looking, I think Jonny has his guitar plugged into that synthesizer and that's why it sounds so gameboy like. Fun for the music nerds!
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    Right! And at the very least maybe a few of us can meet up for a drink or a walk. New friends are always good ;)
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    [MEDIA=twitter]1196908912844398594[/MEDIA] View: https://mobile.twitter.com/coldplay/status/1196908912844398594?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet
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    Looks like Viva la Vida won the poll on Coldplay's youtube community page :| (Check top right corner of the image) I have a feeling they shipped the viva drum and bell kit by mistake to Jordan so then they rigged the poll to make the most of it. Unless the bell is for the Sunrise-Sunset Interludes and the drums come attached to it.
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    Au contraire, @I ran away :) I actually think we largely share the same Coldplay taste, but this might be an outlier. I'm glad Voodoo is Los Unidades and not officially Coldplay, but nonetheless I find it insatiably catchy and groovy. If they pursued similar sounds on LP9, I'd hope the production would be toned back a little and that the lyrics wouldn't be so, well, ridiculously poppy.
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    ^Agree. And I think that's what I mean by "Standard." I don't necessarily mean standard pop -- which is becoming increasingly difficult to define nowadays anywhow. Coldplay's first 7 albums are well constructed in that they tend to follow a flow and have a little bit of everything for everybody. You get your great singles (Clocks, Yellow, Speed of Sound, Viva), but then tracks that attract the alternative crowd (Spies, Daylight, White Shadows, Major Minus) and then your slowburn ballads (Scientist, Trouble, Fix You, UATW, Everglow). EL will be the first album to truly break that mold by not having a clear pop single (save Orphans), and I'd personally like to enjoy this era into 2020, get b-sides, see some live shows etc. If they release a collab with some other EDM artist in Feb. 2020 and steam ahead to the next era, it's going to be super disappointing. But personally, I don't think they will. I think they will definitely release a more standard album next year: Atmospheric opener, bouncy single, big radio single, slow jam/ballad, another single etc, just like AHFOD and MX. But if they lean more into indie rock or more alternative pop sounds then I'm here for it. It's super unlikely we'll hear anything quite like AHFOD again, so rest assured. My guess is that they'll release a more world-pop album that's a bit more alternative but perhaps more upbeat and radio-friendly than EL. Maybe more like Los Unidades (I swear in another universe, Voodoo is one of the biggest singles of all time, I love that song).
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    The judgment of this court is: We need more GUTS
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    As a flag collector, I'm very excited about the song Flags. :)
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    I wanted to write about the album Everyday Life and depression. First off, I need to tell you that I'm suffering from clinical depression. I may have alluded to it before but a couple of weeks ago I decided to truly talk about it openly on Twitter and now I'm coming out with it on Coldplaying too. Because mental health is so important and it needs to get more awareness and understanding in the general public, and I'm trying to do my bit. Almost exactly one year ago, I was at an absolute low point. I missed watching AHFODFilm in the cinema because I was hospitalized on the morning of that very day. One year on, I'm much more stable but there are times when I'm still feeling very depressed despite ongoing therapy. This illness has cost me a lot. I think it has even cost me a friendship that was very dear to me. Just as a quick explanation, depression is NOT the same as sadness. It's very hard/impossible to understand if you have never felt it. The difference is (for example), when I'm "only" sad, I can listen to Coldplay (an album like X&Y or AROBTTH maybe) and be sure the songs will lift me up. When I'm truly depressed, I can listen to X&Y and it won't speak to me anymore because I'm in a dark, emotionally unreachable place where I question my existence and life and everything. That said, music may not lift me up but depressing music can make it worse. So now Everyday Life came out (or rather, it leaked) and from the first minute of listening to it, I felt this would be an emotional, dark and heavy album. Don't get me wrong, I love it and think it's a masterpiece and musically I've been waiting for Coldplay to return to darker and heavy music for a long time. But I can't help wonder if listening to it that often is doing me any good right now. I'll list some songs I have issues with: Sunrise is such a sad, sad track that ends with a glimmer of hope, but for most of it feels like a funeral march to me. Those strings really tug at your heart. Trouble in Town is my favourite track tied with Champion of the World, but it is so dark and bleak and hopeless at times. When that piano comes in at "And I get no shelter..." and when the instrumental explodes and the chords change... Daddy is such an emotional song and a tear jerker/heart breaker under any circumstance. But on Monday I was listening to Daddy when I found out that someone I thought of as a dear friend had blocked me on Twitter. It was just too much. I had to stop listening to the album when that happened. Arabesque is not sad but very heavy and the truth is it makes me feel nervous and a bit overwhelmed at times When I Need A Friend is on the melancholic spectrum or at least certainly feels like that to me. Eko sounds very wistful/longing and sad in tone. Old Friends is not sad per se but reminds me of the fact I have almost no friends and that people who are your friends today might have left you by tomorrow. The piano in Bani Adam is so goddamn sad, sad, SAD. I really don't know where the band plucked all that sadness from suddenly. The second part with guitar and drums is not exactly happy either. Everyday Life has such beautiful strings but they tug at my heart too. Tl;dr I feel like listening to this album can potentially make you even more depressed. I was wondering how you cope with what music does to your feelings, and if anybody has similar feelings about Everyday Life or sees it differently.
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    400K views and only 7 hours left before I start my checking! I’m pretty sure Daddy will get 1 Million by the end of the night.
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    It is like a little Book i will show more photos
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    That's what I was thinking aswell hahaha Damn so that means waking up at 6am tomorrow.
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    I have really detailed commentary about all the things I like ;P but not enough time to get it all down so here's my quick and slightly negative impression - I like the album a lot but probably put it behind many of the others. I am finding that I completely prefer all the more-produced tracks and find the demos to get in the way. They'd be fun as B-sides but WOTW/POTP and a couple of the other acoustic songs just feel a bit too same-y to me. It'd be different if they were really tightly written acoustic tracks like UATW. It's like having 4-5 songs' worth of Parachutes and Til Kingdom Come. Which I guess some people like, but I don't. However, I really appreciate the political messages across the songs. If you listen to Trouble in Town, Daddy, Arabesque, Orphans, and Everyday Life right next to each other, it WILL make sense. Best: Everyday Life, but I also quite like Daddy, Trouble in Town, Church, Champion of the World, Orphans Worst: Cry Cry Cry probably - I think as one poster said above, it could've used some horns or something bigger. Both this and BrokEn I wish would've built into something bigger and badder. A good example for the latter is Blur's Tender and U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, both of which are white man alternative rock bands doing gospel-inspired music. But IMO much more enjoyable songs, because they have big singalongs, big buildups, guitar solos, etc. This is exactly what I think. The Boys have committed themselves to making a political statement on this album, and this moment of the song is a raw confrontation of racism that most Americans protect themselves from.
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    Well what I think makes it easier to share my experiences is knowing that this is a very caring community who helps each other out, and especially these threads are safe spaces to share what I've been going through, what we've all been going through. When I see someone else being courageous enough to share what they've gone through, I build up my own courage and feel ready to tell my story, And oh boy I tell you it really feels so good, instead of having everything bottled up, like I said with this social stigma, we need to ignore that and realize we all need to be more accepting. We're all human and we all need to help each other out, better ourselves, both individually and as a collective. And we can only doing that by being respectful, honest, transparent, and open about each other. I don't think this world is ready yet for everybody to be sharing what they've been going through as there's still a lot of bullies in the world who just don't care, but in safe spaces I think it can only do more good than harm to find support. And I can't thank you enough for your kind words! It just really hit me reading your post that I shared some deeply personal stuff there, but hey people have also done that in this thread, and I feel comfortable with this community so I know that I won't get made fun of for it, and if I do who cares? They're some starnger on the internet who I'll never see again and will likely see repercussions for their actions. That metaphor you speak of is actually really interesting. What if, in your example, the dark place under the bed represents mental illness and the monster represents what would pull you into it? And fear of being pulled under the bed by the monster is representative of being pulled by the monster into unescapable mental illness? Neither will happen if we have the willpower, but it's definitely an interesting metaphor to think about. Thanks for sharing that. I might have to try that meditation app, I don't have much issues now but hey it can't hurt! Thanks for the tips you've shared from that, I might have to try that sometime! Most illnesses begin way earlier than we give it credit for. Even if it's a mental illness that "began" in adolescence or even adulthood, it can usually be traced back to an extremely mild form in childhood. It happens to the best of us, it's almost like we were doomed, we were fated to have it. We just didn't see the signs, we just think they're mild idiosyncrasies that don't hurt. And they're harmless at the time, but they have a strong potential to grow into much larger monsters later on in life. And I say this, for any of you with children, or any younger people on here because I was a young teenager when this first started, and my brother only got seriously attacked by his illness at 24, if they/you have been showing mild signs of anything please take care and notice, talk about it with them or open up to yourself. Having the mindset that "it'll go away as they'Il grow older and wiser and more mature" can be a fatal mindset. Better safe than sorry, I speak from experience, and on behalf of many other's experiences. Please get help if you're even noticing these small things, and you can prevent the hell that me and many others have went through by seeking it earlier than we did.
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    Here's my revised tracklist Note I removed some tracks 1. Sunrise 2. Guns 3. Trouble in Town 4. Daddy 5. Eko 6. Arabesque 7. Old Friends 8. When I Need A Friend 9. Bani Adam 10. Champion of the World 11. Everyday Life
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    I know you don't want to read this but...I have hope LP9 will allow Car Kids to see the light of day Coldplay registered Car Kids last year but did not use it for Los Unidades or Everyday Life They could have used that title for another song (like what they usually do to keep the real title secret) and honestly that would be the most cruel trolling ever :joy:
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    My thoughts exactly. It’s why I’m not keen on a LP9 so quick. Cause it just means EL doesn’t mean it’s as ‘important’. It feels like them saying to people “oh EL is nothing. Don’t worry about it, you’ll get your SJLT.”
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    YES correct! 10 points Track 7 - Arabesque yes, yes in fact we, as mankind, will all be yelling SAME FUCKING BLOOD til the end of our days Well... up to an extent... *glances at Arabesque and another song on the record (don'twanttospoil)* this ended up being true 1) has not happened *checkmark* 2) well, Radiohead did 3) checkmark, I guess! Coldplay honoured my wishes, kind of :D
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    I quite like Trouble in Town's Malcolm X sample - it reminded me instantly of how that is used on the album Drones by Muse. It's not for everyone but it creates a lot of cool tension that gets broken by Jonny's amazing solo and adds to EL's status as a political album.
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    One of those is me! I still buy Coldplay CDs Edit: still available in my region (North America).
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    Of course they still look up to him. This rumour that because Coldplay ditched him after Viva and went more pop, means they suddenly hate him is stupid
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    I agree. If they had a new album out earlier they would probably play Glastonbury, which they definitely don't.
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    That's what I think as well. I read some English language papers of Jordan and even there the concert isn't mentioned. And no people from Jordan will get the chance to watch the concert live. Many people from Jordan complain about that. They are so disappointed. I still don't understand why Jordan? If they don't give local people the chance to go to the concert they could have played the new songs just anywhere in a studio and let people follow the concert in Youtube.
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    https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/coldplays-record-label-say-they-want-to-release-another-album-as-soon-as-possible-after-everyday-life__27757/ Hmmmm.... this has me a little concerned about LP9. I'm holding onto hope that Everyday Life is a record that will change Coldplay forever and have a sound that will influence much of their future work, but if it's something they had to "get out of their system," I worry that we may be getting a commercialized AHFOD 2 after all...
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    Should there be an LP9 thread already going then? There's also a lot of pictures of fans with the band outside of studios.. does that mean recording the follow up already?
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    You don't have to be sorry. We all noted your interested in which songs are singles and we were just making a bit fun of you :P You can write about whatever you want in regards to the album !
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    When I see hate comments about Coldplay I just feel sorry for those miserable people. It must be tough to go through life with such hatred in your heart. Grown ass adults acting like school bullies over a difference in musical taste. Just sad.
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    Well I have a confession to make: it is sometimes a guilty pleasure of mine to read negative/hate comments on Coldplay and laugh about how wrong/uninformed they are. And recently on Twitter I even took it up a notch and responded to some (in a funny, non-offensive way obviously) :joy:
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    Same, but I rarely see anything good coming from reading the comment sections. I guess it depends on which site, but I wouldnt put the comment section of a news site on that list. Same goes for Youtube, or twitter.
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    Sorry but what’s with you and your obsession with songs being released as a single? It doesn’t make a difference to anything. It’s not like before where we get a b-side to single. Now, having a single released doesn’t mean a thing. Lol.
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    this is the one of the best things about this song and I sure hope Jonny goes for it when it gets played live
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    If anyone wants to try their luck... :D I love that thumbnail, by the way.
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    Meh. Popplay is definitely not my thing. Better than most of AFHOD at least.
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    Beautifully made. One of the best videos from the band.
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    It's... a broken heart :eek: Some artists can get around the awkward emptiness by using a different vocal track with different lyrics in place of the expletives. But, of course, Coldplay can't really do this with Trouble In Town because it's not Chris singing. I just hope the clean versions of Guns and Arabesque don't sound weird without the expletives either. "Everyone's gone *pause* crazy" would sound weird with that pause! As would "SAME *pause* BLOOD!!!!!" Maybe with editing magic and a different vocal track, they could change it to something along the lines "Everyone's gone so crazy" and "WE HAVE THE SAME BLOOD!!!!!"
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    "for brian eno with love and thanks" It's cool that they still look up to him. :D EDIT: I get it now! :D
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    [MEDIA=twitter]1196407759413161985[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1196407759413161985?s=21 Wow big news !!!

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