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    @I ran away I just want to say that I am so happy for you that you got to see the show!! What a memory for you :) Feel free to post a many details about the evening as you'd like, so I can live vicariously through you, haha! Also glad for those who got to get together with fellow fans in London, that'd be so neat. I hope I get to do that someday. I would have joined in the fun if I were on that side of the Atlantic. Really, all of you on here are all I have to converse with regarding Coldplay. On that note, with Thanksgiving coming up, I am so thankful for Coldplaying and my fellow Coldplayers on here! I appreciate all the time and effort so many of you take to post updates and new info regarding the band. :heart:
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    I really enjoyed the BBC session. 'Daddy', so beautiful (as always). 'Lovers In Japan' was unusual, in different key. But I sang along anyway.^^ Was hoping they would also perform 'Sparks'. But after 'Arabesque' the chance felt very thin, as there were two more songs left by then. Feel sorry for Chris having vocal issues especially on the last song.
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    Guns Orphans Daddy Lovers In Japan Arabesque Gypsy Woman Everyday Life and Chris said Femi's band also recorded an extra song but that wasn't broadcast (yet) I think
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    Here's what they replied You’re one of the lucky orders to receive an free pin with your order. However there’s a delay with the merchandise that pushes the ship date until December 6th 2019. Let us know if you ok with this or would like us to remove the pin. I'll probably just wait. But I stressed that I want to see the $9 shipping waived since it was delayed.
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    By far their most heartbreaking song since O (fly on) :sob: :sob: :sob: [MEDIA=twitter]1198483734850347008[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1198483734850347008
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    Here's an article of The Times about the Show at the Natural History Museum https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/coldplay-review-chris-martin-and-co-emerged-well-from-their-ethical-downsizing-dmd2gxhqt
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    I actually quite like this version of Fix You. :D
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    Well, this was all about promo. They had to get all the journalists and important folks in so they can talk about it. But let me be clear that SUCKS a ton for all the fans watching instagram videos and seeing more than half the crowd just standing there as if they don't give a shit. It's extra frustrating because we know this album won't get a tour and most of us won't ever hear these songs live anyway, SAME FUCKING BLOOD
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    Found two pictures from the BBC session. I think the first pic is from pre-show, Chris is wearing different clothes here.
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    Damn guys I missed the live broadcast... It seems it isn't available to view it now. Is there any chance to watch it anywhere? Does any of you recorded it?
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    Like someone else said, life isn't always fair. There were quite a few (all positive) articles and reviews about the show online, not all of them from UK journalists. I also heard about non-uk radio stations giving away tickets. Plus the band flew all the way to Jordan for their album launch. That's why to me the nhm gig overall seems more like a promotion thing and them raising awareness of the impact that concerts etc. can have on the environment. And I think it's great that they're doing that. Having said that I think it's normal that we feel sad to have missed out. I hope that all those 400 or so guests made donations to the charity at least.
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    Although I'm sad they aren't playing much this era, this just makes me glad that I did see them twice during the AFHOD tour. Over the past few years I've become increasingly worried about the environment myself, and I can understand their reasons for not touring. Although I always used to wish I saw them before AHFOD, I think it was an amazing point in terms of the spectacular scale of the tour that they might not reach again for a long time or even ever for good reasons. And I'm not sure how I feel about the acoustic version of Fix You either...it's definitely a song that works better as a big dramatic moment with Chris lying down at the beginning and then running back to the A stage and the whole band singing at the end. Fix You isn't my all time favorite Coldplay song now, but it live was a big part of the reason I was so blown away the first time I saw them and I became such a big fan.
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    read somewhere you can also watch on iPlayer. I believe all BBC video streams are geoblocked though so get those VPNs out again
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    The Jordan gig (the day after the livestream) also was filmed. I think this could be something for a concert film Blu-ray release in near future?
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    I currently have that one stuck in my head at the moment :joy: Jonny absolutely kills it, love to see him shine like that. I think the audio clip is what makes the song stand out, I truly think it elevates the song. What I like about this choice, is that it's really radical. They WANT you to know what the song is about, they do not try to find a way to go around it, instead, they face it head on. That's amazing and brave and honest.
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    Well-articulated. You've captured many of my own thoughts on the album. I agree that lyrics are perhaps the weakest element of the album. At the end of the day, I can't shake the effect this work has had on me emotionally. It is as if I've had the opportunity to reconnect with a younger me. Songs like Church, Everyday Life, Champion of the World, and Trouble in Town feel like they were ripped right from the pages of the early 2000s - yet somehow they work in 2019. Though there are bigger numbers intended for stadiums, this album has a more generally intimate nature and it is breathtaking at times. I suppose Ghost Stories had a similar makeup (and I like much of that album as well), yet this one resonated more deeply with me. Absolutely love the nearly ubiquitous strings throughout. For me, this is an 8/10.
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    Looks like a version a bit messed up of Lovers in Japan.
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    [MEDIA=instagram]B5VRd70Bc-g[/MEDIA] View: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5VRd70Bc-g/?igshid=1qno1wd9p7hwq Not sure if this was posted but does anyone know what they’re playing in the third clip? It’s during their sound check and it’s not something I recognize.
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    So Flags... The bonus track for Everyday Life... I absolutely love this song. Creeping up to my top Coldplay songs. Just to clarify I am loving this new record. It's beautiful, heartbreaking, and full of life and love. On top of that they have something of Scott Hutchison on here which warms my heart. But I wish Flags was officially on this album. They could have found a spot. The whole world deserves to have it and I hope the band release it at some point. Meanwhile, Japan, please help the world out in the meantime. Hope everyone is enjoying Everyday Life and if you have heard Flags leave a comment and say what you think. Or talk about EL in general. Much love to all Coldplayers
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    Loads of people talking all the way through the song. I can see this happening at a stadium gig in the back. But in such a small venue for such a special occasion? No words...
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    I guess it's difficult to find a balance between promoting your album to "important people" and engaging with fans. There weren't many people outside but to those few it would have meant the most to attend, and their excitement/posts on social are free promotion for the band too. I accept there were limited tickets but hope they improve the organisation side of things for future events.
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    well, both this gig and the London show were filmed with professional cameras so I think it's safe to say we're getting a nice little film at some point!
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    What's with how they censored Arabesque's swears? It sounded like Chris said same fuderlucking blood.
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    Great news. Hopefully filmed for its release soon! I really want this new version of Lovers in Japan!
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    Oh... I expected it to only be a short 30 minute show based on what the screenshot in the first post says. But 90 minutes is typical for Coldplay so YESSSSSS they may be playing a full set :D
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    the gig is going to be filmed! there are cameramen in the room (info from our man in attendance, Stephen)
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    I prefer the explicit version. Only because the bleeping is just too jarring. And without the audio track, the climax with the guitar doesn’t sound as good or as chilling. Hence, I didn’t like the Jordan steam version as much as the studio version.
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    So it looks like it's only audio that will be on iHeartRadio. I was hoping there would be video :( Oh well, somethings better than nothing!
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    Curious to hear the full version of this! (only one I could find on Youtube)
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    Can someone paste the whole article here as some can’t access it as you have to pay
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    YES! The verses of Everyday Life and Church have the same progression (I haven't checked if the same key), and indeed Jonny's guitar part in the second verse are like the swelling synth part in Church. And funnily, both songs sound exactly like Porcelain by Moby:
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    Important clue! In A Book of Luminous Things, which is referenced in the song Cry Cry Cry, there is a poem called Music of Spheres.
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    I like the simplicity of the voice memo version. But the live version is better, I like being able to hear the lyrics and a more fleshed-out version of the song.
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    Such a beautiful song and the perfect closing album song to compliment Sunrise as the opener. Great bookends to open and close. I love listening to Sunrise and then just going to Everyday Life. I do wish the strings continued to play at the end a few seconds longer instead of that somewhat abrupt end.
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    Tony was a friend of Chris. He died ten years ago. Once, Chris was cycling and encountered Tony. Tony waved him. Chris thought he was saying hello but in fact he was saying Chris to move on. Chris got hit by a car, but the fact that he stopped because he was going to say hi to Tony, saved Chris’ life.
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    I really like this song. Probably one of my favorites from EL. I just wish the lyric at the beginning said "Jonny" instead of "Tony". Can you imagine? A song directly homaging Buckin' love! BTW: Who's Tony?
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    Towards the end of "Bani Adam" and at the begining of this song we hear a sample of a song called "Otuto Nke Chukwu" (Translates to "Glory to God") by an old nigerian artist called "Harcourt Whyte and Choir" that says: Translates from the igbo (Nigerian language): So I guess there's a lot of nigerian music elements in this new record.
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    Everyday life was the first LP that got me excited about the band in a very long time but this news coming from record execs hinting that LP9 is more poppy and mainstream is disappointing to say the least. I had this uneasy feeling before AHFOD was released that turned out being correct, and I have it again now. I really do hope I’m wrong. To clarify, I have no real objection to the band doing something that’s more uplifting and happy than EL, but if it’s going to be pop I’d want to see it being more like MX than AHFOD. The live version of some MX songs seen before the album was released showed that the band can do that style with grace and decorum, but Coldplay’s album versions of poppy songs are horrible, bubblegum, saccharine sounding messes that are just down to awful production. So if it is indeed true that EL is not a new direction for the band, I do hope “poppy” translates to a better produced MX with plenty of guitar, bass and a few acoustic gems thrown in, less collaborations and more of the band.
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    I don't know how the album will sound like but I can see a release date in a year from now, but I don't see it being released earlier. Cancellations of their European festivals plans suggest, to me, that they will be recording and focusing on the album this summer. Since they are playing Global Citizen, they may want to test one or two new songs then (like in 2015). If they don't perform anything new then, then I would assume the release date would be early 2021.
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    I'm not actually sure we'll get LP9 this early, because if Coldplay has been consistent in one thing over their last 20 years, it's been delayed releases :D
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    Hey there, welcome to CPing ! :grinning:
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    It's even apparent from the audience reaction to songs that the majority of it are not fans but people who got invited because of their job/connections. So sad since the concert is being filmed.
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    NME’s review of the concert. https://www.nme.com/features/stand-love-peace-brotherhood-inside-coldplays-spectacular-sermon-mount-amman-jordan-2571529 The prince of Jordan was there!
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    "Hi everyone and love from us in Jordan. Two new songs have come out today; Daddy and Champion Of The World. I want to acknowledge Scott Hutchison from Owl John, on the song Champion Of The World. Scott had a song called Los Angeles, Be Kind, which I love. When I first heard it, I thought it was going to go one way; but it went another. Anyway Champion Of The World is the song that came from following the other path. And that’s why Scott is a co-writer on this song. Today is also his birthday. So happy birthday Scott and Thankyou for your beautiful music, wherever you are. Love CM" - Chris on Twitter “We love it. Musically and lyrically, it’s a beautiful song,” Liddell told NME. “Hopefully through Coldplay, more people will discover the Owl John, and the Frightened Rabbit back catalogue. Earlier this year, Coldplay got in touch again, having recorded a sister version of the song. The Coldplay camp have been amazing – keeping us in the loop on the tracks progress at each stage. We’re grateful to have played a part in that.” Scott's bandmate Simon Liddell in NME :heart::heart::heart:

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