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    Very nice Everyday Life era photo... Think that's the jazz band suits from the album cover? And it's in color!! stolen from the band's Facebook (After hours I realized I posted this on a totally wrong thread before.^^ I moved this to here now.)
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    I Wonder why, since in Everyday life he sung live and high as in Church..... Because Church was the very first vocal song - by Everyday Life his voice had warmed up.
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    Remember how Chris mentioned how Everyday Life originated with the stripped down and raw "Wedding Album" from about 10 years ago? Well, another collab between Avicii and Chris has leaked--the track is called Lethal Drug. I will not link to it nor share any leaks, but here's something I noticed. As you can see from this "best guess" at the lyrics if you haven't heard the song yet... https://genius.com/Coldplay-lethal-drug-lyrics Just look at this verse: "All summer we hung round' On the streets of our hometown Dreamed about us getting close Dressing in your wedding clothes" I really think Lethal Drug is more unused material from the "Wedding Album," which makes sense because the title "Love In A Lethal Dose" (which is another lyric in this song!) was first revealed in 2009 along with titles like Arabesque, Car Kids, Spanish Rain, and Cartoon Heart. For whatever reason Coldplay decided to give Lethal Drug to Avicii, with Chris still singing on the final version. But it's interesting to think about the song's shared origins with at least part of Everyday Life. :)
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    I honestly thought they’ll continue VLV for another album but MX happened instead. So I’m not holding my breath on this one. Hahaha
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    Yes, that’s probably why he sung it in a lower octave to give himself a proper warm-up.
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    What does it say at the top? Something symphony, right? Could it be Sphere Symphony?
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    Imagine Sunrise ii, That would blow my mind
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    I kind of wish they'd just totally surprise every f-ing body on the planet and do some crazy hard and angry stuff across generations like no one's ever seen before. Imagine Coldplay cross Rage cross Rammstein.
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    Coldplay has a long history of playing shows for KROQ and their Almost Acoustic Christmas shows are this upcoming weekend. It is possible they could be a surprise guest on one of the nights. I expected Coldplay to be one of the headliners when the lineups were announced. Working against the idea of them being a surprise guest is that they should only be a headliner.
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    That last line... "love in a lethal dose". I said back in September that this might be the song 'Love in a Lethal Dose' that was written on a wall with other songs from the MX era. Looks like that could be the case. Definitely has a more Coldplay feel to it.
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    No clue what we'll get, but with the X&Y re-editing in mind*, maybe sometime they gonna re-do studio cuts of 'Pour Me' and other semi-unused tracks. *In case Chris was serious about that.
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    But what do we actually think it will sound like? I'll just assume LP9 is music of the spheres and this is the artwork... I've got two guesses: 1. It's a retro rock'n roll/pop album. - So think Cry Cry Cry and Amazing Day and going for a 50's blues/gospel/Back to the Future vibe but with some fun rock songs thrown in. I feel like this would leave room for a few Top-40 singles that are super catchy and pop-vocal driven but also some fun alternative sounds. It would feel natural coming off of Everyday Life. I remember there was a "Waltz in B-Minor, Radio Dial" song that probably turned into Kaleidiscope on AHFOD. It almost feels like the band had the idea of doing a radio-dial album and I get that vibe from this image. 2. It's a weird spacey album - This is what i'd prefer. A space odyssey telling a weird story. Tons of synths and Jonny wailing on his e-bow. Think a mix of X&Y, MX and Kaleidiscope EP. Maybe this would be too similar to X&Y or just way too out there for a commercial album. The only issue is that all indications are pointing to the album being "standard." We know Chris almost saved Orphans for the next album, which is the most standard pop song on EL. We also know the record label is anticipating a more "standard" release, so I'll go ahead and assume that means "commercial." They love the Cry Cry Cry pitched vocals and Chris says they have another song with it they love (probably LP9). And finally, we know Coldplay wants to do something that can be toured, which implies it needs to have big sing-alongs and more explosiveness. So does that mean explosive rock and roll or explosive pop?
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    Yeah I saw that too. It's one thing to leak songs, but another to make profit off them. I want to hear the song but I do not want to give a dime to these people.
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    ^Yup. Has that melody style we heard in VLV, MX and in demos of those eras. Has a B-Side feel, but the chorus is really, really good. I'd say the rest of the song is maybe a tad repetitive and not all the way flushed out, so I see why it wasn't released. But man, I love Jonny's guitar. This is such an alt-rock sound and has a AROBTTH feel to it, or more classic Coldplay I guess.
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    On the whole X&Y redux thing... It's so confusing because the album really is a fan favorite and in my opinion, one of their most alternative and epic. I think as an album, it doesn't flow very well and maybe there are too many tracks where Chris is using his falsetto, over and over and over. But the guitar is incredible and the use of organ and synths was flawless. I'd be curious to see them revisit this era, but I'm also pretty content with it and don't want them to re-record it and make it worse haha
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    Ah okok. Indeed I don’t think it’s because it is too high for Him. He can go higher than in Church. It’s his characteristic voice.
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    My guess is this song was supposed to be included in Avicii's 2019 posthumous album "TIM" (which I actually like a lot) but didn't make the cut. I remember that in a interview back in 2010, Chris said that they were writing a lot of songs in preparation for getting old (something about writing music up to the age of 33) so maybe it makes sense that there's plenty of leftover material from that era.
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    Hey all! <3 I just listened to Church for the first time, and holy cow it's amazing! I also noticed that some samples were also used on Everyday Life, and what really struck me is that both songs are VERY similar. As in: I didn't have to change any tempo or pitch, just put some stuff from Everyday Life on top of Church, and you'll hear it will fit perfectly. Sounds pretty good actually (although I just prefer the "raw" Church). Have a listen! [spoiler=Link]https://we.tl/t-fuPAJOklEM
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    I believe that is Space Symphony which might have been an earlier version of Moving to Mars. But idk, could also say Sphere!
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    p l e a s e j u s t P M s o m e o n e w h o s a i d t h e y h a v e t h e f i l e s i n s t e a d o f a s k i n g i n t h i s t h r e a d
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    ^Based on the above video, it sounds like Chris is singing 1 octave below the studio vocals. Unless Will is singing (couldn't confirm due to camera angle), then there are playback vocals there. :( I Wonder why, since in Everyday life he sung live and high as in Church.....
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    Wow, when Coldplay shows are far and few between right now, this video was just what I needed to avoid re-watching the Jordan performance yet again. THANK YOU!!!! ^Based on the above video, it sounds like Chris is singing 1 octave below the studio vocals. Unless Will is singing (couldn't confirm due to camera angle), then there are playback vocals there. :(
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    Here's a "best guess" at the lyrics... https://genius.com/Coldplay-lethal-drug-lyrics "All summer we hung round' On the streets of our hometown Dreamed about us getting close Dressing in your wedding clothes" Sounds like more unused material from the "Wedding Album" that Everyday Life (and to some extent, Mylo Xyloto) originated from about 10 years ago, which makes sense because that's when the title "Love In A Lethal Dose" was first revealed. And for whatever reason Coldplay decided to give the song to Avicii, but Chris still sang on the final version. The interview that mentions the "Wedding Album" is at toward the end of this recording, for those who will undoubtedly ask for a source :P https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/coldplay-live-in-amman-november-23-2019-iheartradio-album-release-party.126162/#post-5957603
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    It’s a really good song. I don’t know why
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    Actually I wish they would release the studio outtakes the way they were in some fancy X&Y deluxe box set in 2025. If they just wouldn't hate that era so much...
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    Good question. Working under the same assumption, id think/like it to be X&Y + strings. Think Bittersweet Symphony or the outro of the X&Y track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIgxY0yWLNY:224
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    This album gave me what I had wanted from Ghost Stories. By that, I mean it's stripped down but not stripped of their talent.
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    Thanks @I ran away for the video, I knew I could count on you and your camera. :D That's OK, it's OK, it's OK. I think you made the right decision. :D Thanks [uSER=100956]@Stephen[/uSER] for your review, I was in London at that gate and I didn't know people were actually trying to sneak in that way. That's NOT OK. A lot happened over there, I'm not a great writer but I'll try to write down my experience as someone who didn't get a ticket and who went to London but didn't get in. To start, I have to explain that I have been very busy at work since July and it all became super busy at the time Coldplay announced the new album. I didn't have any time to follow up and I decided to wait until the day of the album release to listen to any of the songs (well, except Orhpans, Everyday Life and Arabesque (who became my daily reminder that there was an album release going to happen)). I hated it but I even muted and blocked people on Twitter because they were heavily spoiling the album leak. o_O When Coldplay announced the NHM concert I didn't hesitate for a second, I went to my boss and asked 2 days off. :D Gladly he is a music lover too and he granted me those 2 days, asking me to stay in touch in case some questions had to be answered. OK, I can do that, except maybe on Monday. :D So I immediately booked my Eurostar tickets and hotel and then went back into Coldplay hibernation mode until Thursday evening when a very important deadline would have been reached at work. Thanks Coldplay for waiting until Friday 22th. I loved the Sunrise concert and went to work, got home in the afternoon and listened to Sunset. And then it hit me that the next day the ticket sale was for a 1 time only concert. :eek: I'll spare you the details of the ticket horror - I think I wrote them on CPING somewhere - but on Sunday, I left to London without a ticket and with no hope at all to get to the concert. But, I was so looking forward to finally meet some Coldplayers who I know from Twitter and to meet some fans again I saw at previous concerts. First thing to do on Sunday was to buy the Sunday Times and after dropping of my suitcase in the hotel I went to The Bakery - I always have to go and see if someone is around. I met some nice Italian fans, one of them was Fabio. We talked about going to concerts and meeting Coldplay and I just could feel the common ticket sale disappointment and also the hope to get in. On Monday I first went to Bricklane to buy a third copy of the album - I ordered it on the Coldplay store, also a 2nd one to get a code but they weren't shipped yet - and then got to the museum where I met some Coldplayers. One of them was Ben, who was so lucky to get a ticket. Seeing him so happy and excited made me forget my disappointment. By then I already had accepted the fact that I would not be attending the concert. Met a lot of other fans and we took pictures to tweet to Coldplay. We saw some of the Coldplay crew inspecting the room and when we were asked to leave the museum I got the chance to ask R42 to make some nice pictures for us. He promised to do his very best. :) I had a chat with @I ran away, promised to do a bit better my best to keep in touch. And then we all walked to the gates to meet up with other fans. I met Fabio again who was holding up his sign, I really hoped he would get in. A car stopped by and Phil came out and I think he was surprised to find himself into the middle of a group of disappointed Coldplayers. He was so sweet and explained he couldn't do anything for us. He couldn't even invite his family. OK, the waiting continued. We also had a discussion with a guy who was selling 4 tickets for 500£ each! I just didn't believe him. He was pretty rude and kept saying that he would go in and we could pay him when we got in. Right, but 500£? No thanks. And then I remembered the tweet Debs sent about a scammer trying to sell tickets. I looked it up and our guy really looked the same as the one who was on the profile picture of Debs' tweet. So, we got his scam revealed. :imp: Btw, we never saw him enter the gate with the general ticket holders. HA! Door opening time got closer so I decided to go to the general entrance gate and queue up there for another hour or so and there I met my Italian friend Fabio again. Security was not very friendly, first they were saying that we would have no chance at all to get in without a ticket; later they were shouting to make a proper queue, then they said let's see what we can do for you, ... I have to admit that there were fans who were not respectful at all and just mingled in or next to the people who were standing there for ages. Then we saw the ticket holders enter, Ben, @I ran away,... until everybody was in. It didn't seem that many people so I totally believed the number of 300 fans that was going around. A few minutes after the gate was closed I heard shouting and people yelling on the other side where the gate of the invited people was. So I ran over there and apparently some tickets were given away. It was a chaos over there, a fan I met before was run over by some lucky people and got hurt. :( I also heard that people just grabbed tickets out of the Coldplay crew member's hand. :( We just stayed at that gate and kept waiting, security gave us hope there would be some more tickets. I saw 2 Coldplay crew members who were apperently checking out how many fans were still over there. But we didn't have any luck, no more tickets were given. I stayed around until the concert was about to be over and decided to go to my hotel. The whole day happened like in a haze, a stormy haze. The next day I went to the Bakery again to drop off the letter and present I had for the band. When I arrived I was greeted by Fabio again. He told me he managed to get to the concert because he stayed in the queue at the general gate when everyone else had ran to the other gate. For a second I hated myself because I didn't stay with him, apparently he was a very lucky guy. :D After a while I ran away arrived and I showed her the message I wrote on the bench in front of the Bakery for her in 2018. :) Some fans from Brazil arrived and I think they had called on the Bakery door because when we looked around the corner they were talking with the nice Coldplay crew member I have often seen there and who I a present for the band on my previous visit in June. He was handing out some signed LPs and drumheads to those fans and was chatting in Italian with them. I Ran Away, an other fan and I waited politely and when he turned to get in again I asked him to give my present to the band. He was thanking me for the present and asked me where I was from. I told him I was Belgian and then he said to wait a second, went in and came out with 3 more drumheads. He handed one to I ranaway and the other fan and he said: this is a special one for you. And OMG, I really was flabbergasted. Then it was time for me to get back to the hotel to pick up my suitcase and to take the Eurostar back to Brussels. I think I had the biggest smile upon my face during the whole journey back home. So, maybe I didn't get to the Coldplay concert, but I did meet a lot of nice Coldplayers and even got home with a present that means the world to me. I just love Coldplay. :heart: The only thing I do regret is that this Everyday Life era seems to be like in "a blink and miss them" way. :( I even didn't have a chance to catch up with everything. Next thing to look forward is my Coldplay bundle who seems to be finaly on its way to me :rolleyes: (I do hope it gets here before the era is over).
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    OK, sorry I still haven't caught up entirely with this thread and I won't get round to writing up my adventures and impressions of that amazing day until maybe tomorrow or even later (I want to do a full report as well, and think it's gonna be interesting because my experience was so very different from Stephen's :D), BUT for the moment I'm gonna leave you with this full concert recording. I know the audio is not the best, but I hope you'll enjoy the video the more ! As always I gave my best to capture those little moments and facial expressions of the band members that make each concert unique. Four days later and I'm still so flashed from this concert and grateful that against all odds, I could go :heart: This meant and will forever mean a lot to me.
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    I would love that! Talk is a favorite of mine. That electronic version of Talk/GPASUYF sounded so good.
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    What do you guys think the new version of X&Y will sound like? I'm so surprised Chris chose to remake an album, especially X&Y.
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    Perhaps the licence plate code is not a date, or simply the year 2024... Like, a reference to the future ? On Twiter, I Ran Away guessed "Fast Forward to Future" Also I anticipate a retro-futuristic style for that era, especially given the font and the ancient inspiration...
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    "I wandered the whole wide world but Baby, you're the best" :heart:
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    Totally agree that Church should be a single, love this track (and all the others) :)
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    BY FAR one of my favourites on the album!!! To me it's breahtakingly beautiful, and also kind of Christmas-y? The lyrics, the choir, the speech.... I love everything in this song It's a perfect example of them experimenting with different sounds (church choir, speech) and they just make it work within a Coldplay album....It should not be a Coldplay song and yet it is, and it makes sense.
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    So Flags... The bonus track for Everyday Life... I absolutely love this song. Creeping up to my top Coldplay songs. Just to clarify I am loving this new record. It's beautiful, heartbreaking, and full of life and love. On top of that they have something of Scott Hutchison on here which warms my heart. But I wish Flags was officially on this album. They could have found a spot. The whole world deserves to have it and I hope the band release it at some point. Meanwhile, Japan, please help the world out in the meantime. Hope everyone is enjoying Everyday Life and if you have heard Flags leave a comment and say what you think. Or talk about EL in general. Much love to all Coldplayers
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    I too believe the LP9 will be released around the usual time of year they release albums... I actually think we will get LP9 in June/July and they will headline a few festivals before a world tour in late 2020/2021. Keep surprising us Coldplay!
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    That Music Of Spheres poem is certainly something.. And what about FFTF2024? What if it is reversed? 4 - 2 - 20? 2nd April, 2024? Well, seems unlikely...
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    When I'm with you, I'm walking on air
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    I love Jonny's riffs and the lyrics in particular. A standout track, for sure.
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    And now you hear the sound of Fangirls mourning as the beloved bassist is now off the market! :evilgrin: Also: b*****d??? Is Bastard that much of a bad word?
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    Welcome to Coldplaying !
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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

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