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    So Chris just told Qmusic Belgium that they will probably tour in about 18 months or two years! https://qmusic.be/nieuws/chris-martin-verklapt-aan-maarten-dorothee-over-anderhalf-jaar-kom-ik-naar-belgie
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    Ho ho ho! I understand some of you are a little bit worried. We try to prevent it every year by repeatedly reminding people to respond to PMs, but we sometimes don't hear back from people which is a shame. However, there's no need to panic at this stage, since many participants tend to wait until Christmas to open their packages and post a thank you, or don't find the time to post until they're less busy. The Holiday period is approaching now, or has already begun for some, so hopefully we'll see some more activity in this thread soon :) @iamsue and @Mortilorie , I've sent a PM to your matches asking if they've received their packages. @YGillot , your package has to travel quite far so it's perfectly possible it's still on its way across the globe.
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    Chris said they maybe will come to Belgium (touring) in about 18 months or two years..?! https://qmusic.be/nieuws/chris-martin-verklapt-aan-maarten-dorothee-over-anderhalf-jaar-kom-ik-naar-belgie
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    Same I think he's so great. I remember hearing Clint Eastwood and Feel Good Inc when I was young and then starting to listen to Blur just a few years ago and being shocked it was the same person. I love all his work but I feel like Britpop is so underrated in the US in 2019...
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    I think I'm one of only very few Americans in my age group who knows Damon Albarn as anybody besides the mind behind the music of Gorillaz and the voice of 2D. And that's all I knew him as until I discovered Blur a few years ago. The man is so underrated. There was a time when Damon's brand of Britpop was exploding (even here in the US) but he just doesn't get too much recognition anymore. I wish he would put out another solo album if Blur never end up reuniting again... I already know it wouldn't be as big as either his own work through Gorillaz or, say, Liam Gallagher's solo efforts, but it'd be nice. But maybe he just really likes the degree of anonymity that Gorillaz offers. At least tour here in North America or something, I think that'd be a treat.
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    Thank you so much @AlwaysInMyHead I love the gifts you send me :party::heart: Let me know if I got it right: fabric bag: a hymn for the weekend music video Pencil: Sunset half of everyday life Bird: every song that mentions the word bird? :laughing:
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    @I ran away Here's the old smileys. Just download them and insert them as pictures to use them. cping smileys.zip
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    this seems really unfair on people who live far from big cities. It would mean people outside that radius in France for example, wouldn't be able to buy tickets for a gig in Paris, but any sensible person in that situation would take the train to Paris I would assume. And I just can't see them doing a tour with so many different dates they wouldn't leave areas behind. It seems like a logistical nightmare tbh it's complicated. I'm totally a greenie and I'm really glad more and more people are beginning to treat this as a real issue, but at the same time I don't think common people have to fight this war by being restricted from travelling. It's more about how we travel. I think it's fine to take a plane now and then, but not every two months and plane tickets are far too cheap compared to train tickets. The question is what can a band do about that? They can raise awareness for sure, but they can't do this alone.
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    Today when I was outside. When was the last time you had come to school hours earlier before the first lesson began?

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