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    What a 80's synthwave vibe!!! Just love it
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    Almost two months on, I have to say I haven't been replaying EL very much. Which is funny, because I think it's a much stronger album than AHFOD - but AHFOD i've played a million times over. I think that says something about the album's structure and tone. It's def not the upbeat explosive sounds you want to listen to over and over and over. This one just needs more time and lots of time to sit and absorb, which I love about it but who has time nowadays ;)
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    For the people who wainting The Race to be released, i made a little remake of the demo version, i hope you'll enjoy. [MEDIA=soundcloud]id=user-761343831%2Fcoldplay-the-race-remake;track_id=743523472[/MEDIA] View: https://soundcloud.com/user-761343831/coldplay-the-race-remake
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    We don't know but whoever has it has most likely vaulted it, meaning there won't be a leak for a while, but there's still hope.... stay tuned;)
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    Hi guys... Well, a user from Reddit recorded a different version of Everyday Life that some radios on The Netherlands are broadcasting this days. Note that: * It has the studio vocals from the regular version * Different intro with Jonny and Chris at the piano instead of the orchestra (I LOVE IT) * Different outro, shorter and with little orchestra, but more emotional. * Everything else stays the same. At first I thouht it was some of the live versions recorded at the BBC or another studio, but it is in fact an edited version of the track, and I love it! What do you think? Is there a way to get this "alternative version" on its full glory? LINK: [MEDIA=googledrive]1aR926aZE8kY-BAbS1IjDnUIXyLPNSY7s[/MEDIA] View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aR926aZE8kY-BAbS1IjDnUIXyLPNSY7s/view Original thread: [MEDIA=reddit]Coldplay/comments/em4v6w[/MEDIA] View: https://www.reddit.com/r/Coldplay/comments/em4v6w/everyday_life_alternative_version_the_track/
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    I'm happy if i made your night ahha, and we are all waiting for the full version. Maybe i will try to make a longuer version with a remake of the verse part but it's hard to imagine and link it to the chorus like Coldplay do and with luck the original will just come out before i start to do it ^^
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    It's spot on!!! you just made my night with that :heart: here's hoping to getting the full version soon!
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    What????! Who has it???!
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    Stop sharing these snippets unless it's the full thing people! :'( I almost had a heart attack
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    An alternative rock band who are called Stereophonics. I discovered them recently. I wasn't quite familiar with them and their music. There was one song that sounded familiar to my ears, called Dakota, which is also their biggest hit with 80M+ streams on Spotify. It is a nice upbeat alternative/rock song with nice melodies. Apparently, this song is their most 'radio friendly' song, altough I would think there are other songs that would be even better more 'radio friendly' songs to play on the radio, I personally wouldn't recommend this song if you just get to know them. If you are curious to hear and know more about them, I would recommend you to listen to their great songs: All In One Night + Indian Summer + I Wanna Get Lost With You. I really enjoy listening and watching to these performances I'm going to post now, maybe you'll like the songs too! I love this song:
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    Not to be rude, but isn't the whole thing a little bit overload-ish for an artist who just made an album cover? They talk about the art process like it's rocket science and came with huge, life changing obstacles.
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    Acctually, it was me haha I tried to take off the broadcaster of the song, did some new recordings of the song and some edits too. [MEDIA=googledrive]1cQ3ETz6lts19nxR5-Yg6BQxse8ngOh14[/MEDIA] View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cQ3ETz6lts19nxR5-Yg6BQxse8ngOh14/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Thanks you, i tried to do my best to be as close as the original.
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