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    Great to see you back here! I can't even remember when I joined Coldplaying (my join date gets reset often due to all the database work I do) but I think I just passed 5 years! I may be a bit biased but I think it's a lovely place for all of us to come together and discuss nothing but Coldplay 😛 it has felt extra special lately with everything going on. Don't worry, Coldplaying will be here until the day I physically can no longer run it! Thank you for coming on here and contributing 🙂
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    Glad to see you back! I think it's amazing that this forum is still around-looking at some of the old threads is almost like a time capsule of their whole career.
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    Glad to see this forum still active! I usually visit at least once a week (mostly lurking and liking posts haha) but I hadn't visited it for a few weeks. I like the new design and hope everyone is okay, especially with everything that's going on in the world ❤️ Reading I ran away's post above made me realise that I have been a member for 4 years (since late March 2016) and a Coldplayer for 4,5 years which is insane to me. It seems like it was yesterday when I really got into Coldplay but time passed without me even realising it. I wasn't the same person I was 4,5 years ago and Coldplay and this forum helped me feel better back then and still do. Even when there are times when I haven't listened to Coldplay in a while, they are still in my heart and when I listen to them again their songs have the same effect on me like always. I think Coldplay will always have that special spot in my heart. I hope Coldplaying will exist for many more years as well, I really like that we have a forum that all of us can connect, this community is one of the best I've stumbled upon. Also wanted to say that I love that Coldplay has been interacting with us a little bit these past few weeks, with Chris' live, Jonny recommending songs, Guy posting interesting things ( also happy birthday to this beautiful bassist ❤️ ). I don' really know why I am writing this, it's really late here and I should be sleeping lol 😛 i just wanted to say thank you to Coldplay for coming into my life and Coldplaying for existing I guess and I'll come back tomorrow to see more posts that I've missed
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    ^^ @M Marks The Spot
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    Surprise, surprise! I'm sorry. I've confused this with the other game... Ice cream
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    Such an amazing set design with an amazing singer! (And Will of course!)
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    Happy birthday to the best bass player!
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    i might just write "in technicolor ii" under it in cursive. It was anyways fairly easy. Take some craft paper tape that you can peel off later and put it on a canvas. Then, take some partly thinned acrylic paint on a brush and fling it around on top of the canvas. Do that a bunch of times with colours and peel off the tape. Then put it up!
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    On this day exactly 5 years ago, a young and innocent person who was just getting really into Coldplay wanted to sign up on a forum called Coldplaying. Faced with the question of what to pick as a username, she decided to go with a Coldplay song that she had only recently discovered but that spoke to her, in a way, more than any other: I Ran Away. And the rest, as they say, is history... ❤️

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