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    I recently obtained some pretty good isolated live vocal mixes from a couple of shows and here's one of them. I chose HFTW because it's one of those songs where it's interesting to hear how they use pre recorded vocals. Normally in regular shows they would mute chris' mic on the chorus but in this version they have both playing kinda how like viva la vida does it. The prerecorded track on the chorus is the same vocal line they have used for the entire AHFOD tour. I would love it if you guys shared your thoughts on this! HFTW Chris Vox solo.mp3 will on hftw.mp3
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    Lol this is not a hint! Chris must've forgoten about MOTS and FFTF2024 by now XD
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    Hello everybody. I arranged/transcribed this great Coldplay song for solo piano last year. Originally I just recorded my video performance for YouTube, but later I received multiple requests and decided to write a score for it. Here's the my rendition: If you're a pianist, or know of someone who'd be interested in playing the song, feel free to download the pdf from here: https://www.leonthomasian.com/arranger You don't have to sign up or anything.
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    https://coldplaybootlegs.com/ is now online (only for trading) *More than 450 bootleg video *More than 600 bootleg audio *Exclusive interviews *Unreleased stuff Trades at: [email protected]

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