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  1. If Coldplay were to release a collection of unreleased and reimagined songs, what would you guys like to hear? I would like to finally listen to Famous Old Painters with some lyrics. And obviously The Race and Car Kids!
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  2. Car Kids has remained a total mystery until now! We don't know anything about your lyrics, its rhythm, its chords ... nothing!
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  3. Thank you for explaining me that & sorry that I messed up with those symbols. Thought it was a brand new puzzle.
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  4. Yeah, it was one of the first teasers for the EL era. Although the thumbnails have remained, they have either forgot to remove them or there's a deeper meaning. Could be nothing though.
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  5. Well guys, it seems that LP9/Music of the Spheres will coming soon, the era of Everyday Life officially ended, Coldplay's own page says it, tomorrow there will be a unique space event, so we will have to wait for it to happen, but I think that this year we will have the LP9
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  6. I've noticed that all b/w thumbnails now have the moon and the sun in the bottom left corner! Here's for LiT II
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  7. Did we ever find out why only a few YouTube videos were turned black and white at the beginning of the Everday Life era? They are still in black and white, I wonder if this links with the possible recreation of songs?
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