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    Chris was seen in Stockholm with the producer Max Martin sure something's on the oven
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    Guys, we don't know anything about how it will exactly sound. It's all guessing and expectation, let's not fight about whose might be right or wrong here.
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    coldplay is probably never going to go back to the rock they used to make in the 2000s. I expect them to keep moving forward with their sound like they've always done. they never kept any style for more than one album era. they'll probably keep with a more pop inspired sound just with their own unique style like always.
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    Coldplay's Spotify playlist thumbnails have had the new style added.
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    Coldplay: this moon thing is a nice aesthetic 😊 Y'all:
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    I don't believe you, because Pop sells more than Rock, and Coldplay NEEDS to sell at the level of A Head Full of Dreams and not at the level of Everyday Life, also as I said, Max Martin is going to be involved in LP9 in some way or another, and that shows the path the band will follow with the next album, Pop
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    I don't think so, I see LP9 being Space Pop, Coldplay is not going to return to Rock, maybe X&Y inspirations are Talk, Square One, Speed of Sound and Gravity but just the synthesizers, but I'm almost sure that the biggest inspiration will come from Mylo Xyloto and A Head Full of Dreams
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    I don’t think so you might be wrong, I’m gonna add this if LP9 happens to be spacey, old rock, and great hard rock, just like old roots of EL it will be X&Y and AROBTTH style when the time is right on July 10th
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    3. This is a fake account mocking fans longing for new material from the band... I wouldn't put that much attention to it...
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    The leak sounds good, but similar to the heaven leak that happened years ago. It sounds raw and unfinished. Hopefully this leak won't affect them possibly wanting to put out a refined and finished version in the future because it sounds great!
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    I think the Race is definitely getting released soon. The leak is getting aggressively taken down everywhere, from Youtube to Twitter. Other Coldplay demos or leaks (i.e.: Vitamins etc.) aren't getting taken down like this. To put this into perspective, during the buildup to Avicii's posthumous album, a version of Heaven (featuring Chris!) got leaked. This version was different than the one that ended up being released on the final album, but nevertheless, it got taken down pretty aggressively all over the internet. Before this leak, another version of Heaven was circling around the internet, featuring Simon Aldred instead of Chris, but this was not taken down at that time. So, I think this is a sign of a release coming soon!
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    Hey I made a quick remaster of The Race and mashed it up with the outro of Oceans (if anyone wanted an idea of where it could be on the GS tracklisting). Anyone interested in listening?
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    It's funny how accurate this headline was!

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