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  1. wonder if the poster is talking about Baidu. i somehow managed to get an account on there bypassing on the phone number verifications and google translates using their cloud service which allows international people to get in and found a poster with The Race but with a dead link. Many replies claimed it sounded great but google translate only gets you so far so some comments are left for debate. It appears that its probs the ghost stories version and the original poster of the GS version claims to be the original leaker as they released the file in November of 2019. if they had that GS versio
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  2. From what I've seen, yes. The version of The Race which leaked few weeks ago is generally considered the Ghost Stories version. Why won't we start calling it "The Race (The Kaleidoscope Mix)" from now on? (a credit to @vinny9)
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  3. So it's the same version as the leaked one Case closed Thank you everyone
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  5. 3. They wear Ratino's clothes to help promote Guy's clothing label
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  6. So, after hearing various snippets of The Race, I heard the full version of "The Race" this morning through a Chinese web site. Not the Ghost Stories version or the Merry Clayton version but The Music of the Spheres version. Have to say it's become a fantastic song with a great beat and works well with the kids singing in the background. My only hope now is that Coldplay get on and release it. I'm more than happy to buy and download it rather than listen to it through some dodgy web site. I think a sure hit for them.
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