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    This is interesting... I also remember the guys playing rare songs during rehersals on the AHFOD tour... they sounded so good! Im hoping one of them makes its way to an album someday because of its beautiful chord progression! This one:
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    Guys, just zoom in and have a look at the paper behind Chris. You'll find LUKAS written on the paper and some other songs. If anyone has a larger size of this photo, they should notice these song titles easily. Maybe we could hunt some unreleased songs. By the way, recently I've found the demo of Deserter (One of the unreleased Songs from AROBTTH era) on Youtube. It's strange that no one is discussing that old song.
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    To-do list: Old Smileys (at the top of my list!) Sign in with Apple Gallery (needs a massive overhaul to work properly again, it had so many logistical issues before) Uploading a ton more downloads (old threads are slowly but surely being uploaded but it takes FOREVER) New theme to bring us out of the EL era, it'll be way easier to navigate hopefully Cleanup of the forum, there are so many sub-forums that make it super confusing Various UI improvements
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    for sure! I'll send it shortly.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/B_8Oh3rnSVLADbUW56zhr7K0wz1aObkUkffLbw0/?igshid=1qj7lsjvuxl1h I did a short cover of this song!
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    I collected them through Youtube and other sources, yeah Mining On The Moon is one of them, I noticed that one of the Coldplay Soundcheck during VLV Era in Toronto, they actually played it. Though no one ever noticed that Chris is singing "Mining On The Moon" lyrics, the audio is very rough though. I collect these Unreleased Songs about 3 years, basically I have every unreleased material that could be found online. But I don't have The Race (LP9 Version) though, the one I posted earlier In Baidu was actually the one on documentary snippet.

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