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    Roadie 42 (@millerworld) just posted on his instastory and heโ€™s still in the studio so I donโ€™t think itโ€™s finished yet๐Ÿ˜•
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    Well I don't necessarily read Guy's Insta post as Coldplay-related at all. I think he's saying the auto project has taken 8 years since that was the "this project" he references in the previous sentence. If he was referring to LP9, I'd be excited that it took 8 years since that would mean it was started during the MX Tour. Regardless, it's cool that they're recording music and that means something could be coming soon.
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    Well maybe Guy has finished his bass lines but the producers are working hard to mix the album?
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    @onlylove and @JM-42 you are not alone. Remember, this community supports you.
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    Same. Don't feel like I'm doing well these days. It's kinda helping listening to Coldplay again tho. There's so some sort of familiarity related to their music that it feels somehow like a relief. I also dreamt of going to a Coldplay concert but for some reason it ended before I could get in the venue.
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    Haven't been here since probably EL came out. World events threw me into a pretty deep depression. I somehow forgot to listen to Coldplay through it. Honestly I've not listened to anything much. I've had two very vivid dreams recently where I saw Chris Martin at concerts and he refused to let me meet him even though I wanted to very badly. Literally shook his head and turned away. I think that means listen to Coldplay again? Don't know how to interpret that. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    The French/German cultural chain 'Arte' is dedicating an evening to Coldplay. They are playing the film 'A Head Full Of Dreams' at the moment and after that they will show the film about the 'Mylo Xyloto' tour from 2012.
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    Website is CLOSED due harassment and death threats. I have received threats of all kinds for several months from a person named "Felipe German Sulca." It all started when he started sending me emails requesting a 2009 show. I agreed and told him that when I have free time I would give it to him for free. BIG MISTAKE, he started sending me 20 emails per day, then he created fake email accounts and began to threaten me. I have seen that he is also in other forums just spamming. He has sent me a private message here "apologizing" for having stolen things from my website, where he then makes a post throwing sh*t talking badly about the sites that do trade. Be careful with this guy who likes to harass people. I don't believe the history that you just want to collect every coldplay show. This is NOT the way. I won't post any email as it contains too many insults Now i understand why Corum left the old coldplaybootlegs.com Oh, and you sent me your photo by "mistake"

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