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    Aye cp won the VMA! (this is probably the wrong forum to put this in but idk where else to post this.)
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    They don't necessarily have to play a new song to symbolize a new era. This could easily be similar to their 2015 iHeart Radio appearance. If they perform in regular stage black with nothing special on their instruments, then a new album may not be coming as soon as we're hoping. If they perform in a new wardrobe, or something interesting on their instruments, then a new record is right around the corner. I don't personally think we'll get a new song (I really, really, hope I'm wrong), but I do think there will be hints towards the new era on stage with them.
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    This is an idea that came to my mind spontaneously. I thought it might be fun to start a new topic with this as subject: details from a Coldplay performance, share you observations! I wanted to start a a topic where people can share their observations and (even the smallest things) things they noticed anywhere at a performance of a certain song, performance for a show or live TV, or a full Coldplay gig (perhaps were you there?). Even the smallest thing you like to share and talk about are welcome!!! Maybe if more people find your post interesting enough, there will be some kind of discussion about! You can share anything about any detail you have ever noticed and want to talk about or discuss with others here! I'm waiting! Let's talk about some interesting things (new and old) you might have noticed at a certain song performance, television performance, a full Coldplay gig, anything!
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    ^heck yeah I think it's awesome they won that. I hope that it encourages the band to continue making pop singles that have different themes, good lyrics, and that buck the trends of most radio pop. (trying to connect this to LP9) Orphans should have had more Top 40 play in my opinion, but maybe I'm just getting old.
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    You're absolutely right about this, it is remarkable! Thanks for sharing it with us
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    its really simple but I can only do it with 5.1 sources. Good thing is that whoever mixes CP live tends to put the vocals on the centre channel! Strange that not many people are analysing their 5.1 rips cuz theres lots of stuff in there to learn.
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    Wow great idea! This is actually the reasoning why I've thus became so obsessive with heavily collecting their performances. I've only been into the band since 2015 with just listening to their songs from their main albums which went into getting to know their B-Sides/Demos/Unreleased etc. Finally, I must've came across a particular live performance that wow'ed me to the point where I wanted to grab hold of them since I liked how a song was played. In result, the last 2 years I've set a mission to quite literally collect every single performance of theirs... yes, all of them... every single performance since they've first formed lol. I've spent so much time in these 2 years with digging and logging information of what I have so far or what I seek and I swear I'm not even remotely close to even being 5% of the way. If I make the time I think you might see me make quite a few posts here in this thread sharing what I thought was remarkable, even in the slightest of ways. I'll start off my share of likings with a performance of Fix You! - What I loved here was how he says "...and I will try to fix you" shortly after the timestamp 3:10. I'm sure there's an actual term for what this is called but I don't know it so my best explanation is that Chris sings those words in a chest voice yet executing it powerfully as opposed to how he normally sings this song. Usually he sings it in the same way as in the album or in this chest voice but not as powerful as he does here. Fix You (Live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2006) July 10, 2006
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    let's admit that everything will happen the moment we least expect it to happen
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    This might be interesting. So, AROBTTH and Rainy Day are the only songs in the Coldplay catalogue to start with an R. BUT There was a post by Guy on Instagram holding the Road Rat magazine in his hands. I think this is a coincidence though
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    Ok so I've randomly gone down a rabbit hole, trying to figure out this FFTF 2024 thing, and got side tracked by the trouble in town music video. I noticed the taxi cab driver has a qr code on his license, but it's too blurry to scan. Is there a version of this video in higher quality 4K resolution? May be nothing, but worth a shot lol

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