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    whichever way it is, I'm sure a new single will be released just in time for Sep 18 performance and I would bet the band will also be in new outfits which might again include new lyrics printed etc. New era is just in front of us if you ask me. Music of the Spheres would probably have been released already had there not been for this covid.
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    What do you guys think they'll choose next? -In My Place? -Ink? -Neither, this is all a coincidence. Also, I have another idea, I think someone already said it though. I think they'll release The Race when it's time for R to coincide with their upcoming iHeart Radio performance.
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    Okay they’re definitely teasing music of the spheres for sure. There’s no way their not aware of what they’re doing and that this is all coincidental
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    Some more isolated live vocal mixes. thanks to the wonderful @dvntpxnic who got hold of the 2011 Today show gigs and forwarded it to me. @I ran away Will get the Canada 2006 5.1 asap. VLV (NY2011} Vox.mp3 CB {NY2011} Vox.mp3 Fix You {NY2011} Instrumental.mp3 Fix You {NY2011} Vox.mp3 Paradise (NY2011) Vox.mp3

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