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    ^totally agree. They usually do a great job weaving in singles into their albums in way that's not to jarring. Like the transition from Birds to HFTW is amazing despite those songs having totally different feels. Orphans was maybe a little to upbeat for EL, but nonetheless I wish it was more successful on the radio. Almost 1 year later I still think it's an amazingly good pop single, but it likely will never get much recognition.
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    Even though they’re really an album band, it would be great to see the guys smash the singles charts again
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    Hi Gustavo, welcome to the forum! Ghost Stories is also my favorite album, can't beat listening to it on headphones. So many heartbreaking but beautiful songs!
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    I don't think it was just about collabs and togetherness. I think there was a specific sound they were going for...think of the layers and build. I think they were more involved in the creation of this sound than it may seem when you just think it is a brass section added for kicks. I think it is much more intentional than that. I think it is a powerful jam session. Guy's bass especially features prominently. The rest of the band has their sounds also mingled. All that being said, I understand if those sounds aren't some folks cup of tea. But I don't think we can give no credit to the band for the concept or sound of the final piece.
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    Hard disagree. Imagine Viva la Vida without Jon Hopkins, Davide Rossi or Brian Eno?
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    Coldplay release one of the biggest bangers of their career. People complain it’s not family friendly and want Rihanna back?? Boggles the mind.
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    Holy shit Coldplay. Welcome fucking back. Talk about a banger.
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    I keep listening to this song over and over. I can’t believe they actually did this. Like, Jesus Christ guys, where the hell have you been the last 10 years?
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    This is easily the most exciting Coldplay release since Viva. Not to say that tracks like Midnight, or AOAL weren't big surprises, but this is clearly the biggest departure in overall sound we've seen from Coldplay maybe ever. I'm just so pleased it includes multiple artists of color, that it has meaningful lyrics, that it has progression, that it came from Eno sessions! It isn't necessarily an original sound -- other big artists like Arcade Fire, David Byrne have made nocturnal jazzy tracks like this -- but Coldplay brings their catchy songwriting and ability to make big climactic crescendos to this. Love: Femi Kuti's saxaphone, Stromae, the funky baseline, Jonny's menacing guitar feels retro, Chris' restraint and "same f**king blood." Critique: Super super nitpicky, but I think the crescendo could have been a bit grander with more progression and diversity in sounds. Like my brain is almost expecting the chords to change towards the end but they don't.
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    Okay unpopular idea but how about this? How about we don't heavy compare it to the previous albums But to me, this album is gonna be either to be a mish-mash of different eras old and new, with sounds coming from neither eras. And knowing your high standards, some of you guys will never be satisfied if you'll hear a bit of pop or hear less of rock. Can't we just enjoy the albums on their own legs and not just like them because it sounds just like this or that?
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    what coldplay just released new music out of freaking nowhere and its not even pop there has never been a better morning in my life and yesterday was my birthday AHHHHHHHHHHHH

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