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    I thought the same. In a moment he tried to say something but then he didn't
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    David Holmes, their manager said that in an interview in 2017, I believe, so I actually also wonder if the whole 2021 Tour thing would be the plan all along. But for festivals, recording the album and release times, COVID definitely screwed things up I'd bet.
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    Phil said long before COVID that the band wouldn’t be touring until 2021 at the earliest, right? Personally I would love to see this happen, and would be willing to travel abroad and self isolate etc. to see them live again..
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    I guess it depends when they think they would be able to tour the album- like maybe late next year there could be a possibility of putting in some tour dates, in which case they could announce the album relatively soon?
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    Yes, he said that in 2003 interviews as well bc he used to get sick a lot during those early times in Germany - I think the spell has been broken now though. Many AHFOD Tour shows and Global Citizen Festival and he was well 😄
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    in the livestream it gave me a feeling that Chris wanted so badly to tell us what they were up to
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    That must be from the store website not the album
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    Coldplay has been recording at the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin for perhaps as long as the last 12 days: That's very exciting news. The band all together in the same location !
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    Prediction: Late 2020: Single/EP Early- mid 2021: Second single followed by LP9 Late 2021: Tour kicks off in COVID-19 free places (eg NZ & Australia)

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