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  1. Sorry to go off-topic, but does someone have the files of the above mentioned thread of Baidu? Could someone please DM me with a link! Can't seem to get it working on Baidu. Thanks!
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  2. Knowing them, they are honestly probably relieved they don't have to fly everywhere and accompany Chris to every little appearance (not saying the Grammys are a little appearance, but rather talking about all these small solo performances Chris does here and there). They quite like being out of the public eye and having privacy and time for their families. I can assure you when Chris performs alone he has the full support and approval of the band, don't worry about it 🙂
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  3. I have no idea, it unfortunately happens sometimes to innocent posts like yours. These days we have a lot of spam thrown at us though - most of it you'll never see because the filter catches most of the spam posts and hides them until approval, but sometimes it seems to also catch the wrong posts. Anyway, I approved your post. About Will's backing vocals sounding the same - they are in all likelihood prerecorded. Doesn't mean Will can't sing, but in the masterclass he once gave he explained that as a drummer it sounds better if he pre-records because otherwise the loud drum sounds interfe
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