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  1. Indeed some of Will's vocals seem pre-recorded. Sometimes though you can hear him make mistakes or be out of tune like in this version of HFTW (you can hear him struggle a little on the "la la la" section): Or check out this VLV version where it looks like he may have sung the wrong number at the beginning of the song (though admittedly this bit of vocals is NOT on the album version and maybe that's why there's no backing track for the vocals)
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  2. Oui oui, Non non (Sorry I can't think of anything better... haha) Orphans
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  3. By the way, I get what you mean but my point was simply that Will's voice can be heard really well in this song. Normally it's much harder to hear him sing. Also, I edited the "big" post and noticed that it again needs to be approved by a moderator, sorry. So you won't see me editing it ever again lol.
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