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  1. It's likely just something they came up with quite quickly. As others have said, he could even be improvising. That said, it is very nice and I could easily see it as an intro to a song, an interlude track, or even an Escapist-esque hidden track.
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  2. Don't trust genius. Anyone can edit it. I don't think it will be released in September if they release a single in May. They mostly release their albums about 2 months after first single release
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  3. I suppose it could be an instance like the last 20 seconds of this December 2010 recording when Chris plays a little bit of the Bani Adam intro as a little interlude after Trouble. Or, he could have been improvising. Or, there's the off chance that he went back to that Trouble In Town performance and thought to himself "I really like that random bit of piano, I should record it so we can use it on the album."
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  4. God it sounds so haunting... I'd love a song starting like that, imagine listening to that intro and then the song kicks int, talking about an astronaut lost in space. :P
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  5. It has some resemblance to the piano that is buried in the mix at the beginning of Champion of the World, but it's not identical.
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  6. I thought he may be improvising, but it could also be a new song, who knows!
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